Happy weekend! + tiny planets + nose acrobatics

Happy weekend y’all!

This photo was taken at Central Park and “morphed” into a wee planet by the iPhone app “Tiny Planets“. You get some pretty cool effects! I find it works best with a panorama that includes the ground and sky.

Now if you’re in Perth don’t forget to go to the Beaufort Street Festival! It’s on this Saturday from 12pm onwards and definitely promises to have something for everyone – food and wine, fashion, music, and activities for kids too! Check out their website here for their full program and for how to get there.

See you there!

Chevron heaven…

***1. Gorman wedges, 2. Natural and mint clutch via Etsy, 3. Throw cushions by ThePillowPeople, 4. Earrings by Virginie Millefiori, 5. Rag & Bone dress, 6. Fox iPad/laptop skin via society6

Nothing rhymes with granola (The Silver Spoon #2)

Seriously, nothing does. Except for canola, but that’s barely exciting, is it?

While we were in the United States I developed a taste for the country’s very popular breakfast staple – granola. So after we returned I’d been trying to emulate the taste with various cereals and mueslis with mixed success rates. I happened to wander into the Cottesloe Boatshed Market to kill some time and of course to ogle their ever-changing, ever-beautiful, hunger-inducing displays of fresh produce when I spied my very heart’s desire. Well, more like my stomach’s desire.

So, today’s taste test is handmade granola from the Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery. Based in rural Victoria, the bakery was set up by two ex-Melbournian lawyers (a husband-and-wife team) in the restored stable of Irrewarra House in the year 2000. Initially more well-known for their bread, they soon diversified to include granola and sweet baked products into their repertoire. Their granola professes to contain only whole unprocessed natural ingredients with honey as the sole sweetener (no nasties!).

I have to admit, it didn’t taste quite like the granola I’d had in the states, mainly in that it wasn’t as sweet so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I had paired it with a relatively sour Greek yoghurt so it was possibly even my own fault. That said, the texture, the mix of grains and the yummy roasted almonds and walnuts still made it a delicious and healthy breakfast. Next time, I’ll probably add some strawberries or blueberries (my favourite!) and possibly (if I’m naughty) a smidge more honey.

Shake your bootie(s)!

A couple of weekends ago I attended the baby shower of a long time friend of mine (we’ve know each other since we were four!). She’d seen a pair of booties I’d knitted for my new niece and so I was put to task to make another! The sex of the baby is going to be a surprise so pink and blue wool were out, but I found a lovely pastel green which I think worked out well.

This isn’t strictly a how-to, more like a show-and-tell I suppose, but comment below if you’d like the pattern! It’s quite quick and easy, and great for gifts!

Tiny mementoes from NYC

I bought these wee bracelets from Helene Pe at Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn as a teeny tiny way to remember our amazing time in New York. Helene is a French artist and jewellery designer whose quirkiness and eye for detail make her works both punchy but irresistibly delicate at the same time.

Visit her homepage and tempt yourself by visiting her online shop!

***What I’m wearing – black button-down tank by Ecote (similar), cat print trousers with gold zip detail (can’t find anything quite like it but these and these are pretty cool!), bracelets by Helene Pe, sunglasses by Robert Marc, shoes are a $5 find from the Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong (these are cute!)

***What Schnooks is wearing – fur model’s own (similar here and here)

***We do not condone the wearing of fur unless you are naturally blessed! (i.e. furry animals and Greek men)

Our little orange friend!

Meet Schnooks! He’s our furry little orange friend and adopted son. And when I say adopted – I mean HE adopted US!

We moved into our home around two years ago, which is nestled in a lovely neighbourhood lined with gorgeous old 1930s character houses. It was (and is!) the home of our dreams – filled with warmth and the scent of good family memories gone by, as well as having good architectural bones with space for us to express our own creativity.

As eager new homeowners we would often spend time in the garden pottering around trying to make things just so. (We didn’t know much about gardening back then, so essentially we managed to make it look like Crater-ville.) Anyhoo, whilst pottering we noticed that we were often not alone – we were frequently accompanied by a rather aloof but very pretty ginger cat.

Bit by bit we went from suspicious I’ve-got-one-eye-on-you to begrudging neighbours to polite acknowledgement and somehow from that to friends who eagerly awaited each other’s company. Gardening just wasn’t gardening without him. But I assumed that his name was Lucky and that he belonged to the family a couple of doors down because the mum of that household would stand outside and yell, “Luckyyyyyyyy-yyyyy!” every evening. Although I was a professed dog-person and somewhat cat-avoider (I regret that now), deep in my heart I pretended that his name was Schnooks and that he was really ours.

However, one evening I was sitting outside with Schnooks and, dare I say, feeding him tuna when as usual the cry “Luckyyyyyy!” filled the air. Schnooks didn’t move. He just carried on purring and looked at me like, “What?” or maybe more like, “More tuna please!”. And we both watched as a Russian blue cat dashed across our front yard only to be greeted and picked up by our neighbour. Tick. Tick. Tick. I came to the slow but very happy realisation that Schnooks was really Schnooks (not just in my dreams), a free spirit (the preferable term to stray cat) and he had most determinedly decided that he would be part of our little family!

Nowadays you will find him around our home (usually on the bed!), sprawled out on the rug, sleeping under the bushes in our backyard, or sitting patiently under “his” tree waiting for us to get home. He is an affectionate soul who actually comes with us on little walks up and down the street (I never knew cats did that!), and brings us “presents” (read rats, sometimes alive) to show us how much he loves us. We love our home, but we love it infinitely more now because we have Schnooks.

Happy weekend! + mini harvest

Our strawberry plant has been so kind as to put out two tiny little (but sweet!) fruits. Actually there were three but the snails clearly got to that one before we did. This is also a sneak peek into a “photoshoot” I did with our little orange friend – Schnooks! You shall meet him next week.

Until then – happy weekend!

It’s not easy being green…


Oh but yes it is! It’s now heading into summer here in Australia and the colour I’m totally digging right now is green, ranging from the bright grassy variety down to the more understated moody jade type – whichever tickles your fancy! Add the colour to your table top, or to your home as an occasional chair, accentuate a monochromatic outfit with a bright accessory (picture a black and white polka dot dress with a chunky green beaded necklace – here’s one), or be brave and go all out with a green dress or floral onesie!

***1. Kate Spade heels, 2. Jadeite bowls from Terrain, 3. Kate Spade iPhone cover, 4. Fibreglass shell chair from Modernica, 5. Madewell dress, 6. Anthropologie earrings, 7. Cambridge satchel

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Tuck into this! (The Silver Spoon#1)

A place I’d been meaning to try for a while is the Tuck Shop Cafe (plus Pie-House and Delicatessen!). It’s tucked (yes, pun intended) away in a slightly unlikely part of Northbridge along Newcastle St.

We went early-ish (around 11:30am) and because the menu had some great breakfast/brunch/lunch options that ALL sounded super delicious I had a great deal of trouble deciding what to eat! In the end I settled on the smoked cod, leek and grain mustard potato bake with parmesan toastie, and Jinn on a good ol’ BLT.

Some places just don’t live up to the hype…but this place did! The food tastes as good as it looks – my smoked cod bake was creamy deliciousness with just the right amount of “leeky” aroma, and the poached egg on top spilled its runny golden yolk into the bowl just to make you die with yumminess that little bit more. (Aargh! Adjective overload!) The BLT was filled with generous amounts of crispy, salty bacon and a lovely tomato relish, offset by some fresh iceberg lettuce, and was served with a bowl of handcut chips which Jinn described as (no kidding), “The best chips I’ve ever eaten”. So smooth and perfectly cooked on the inside, so crisp and golden on the outside.

Verdict? The food and coffee are both worth seeking this little place out! The menu has a good combination of breakfast staples (eggs on toast, granola, pancakes) as well as inventive, delicious-sounding substantial meals. I hear the pies are legendary and I will most certainly be back to give them a try!

All gone!

The Tuck Shop Cafe, Pie-House & Delicatessen / Unit 1/180 Newcastle St, Northbridge, Western Australia

***What I’m wearing – chambray button-down shirt by Madewell, bow tie from past season by Urban Renewal via Urban Outfitters (similar)


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