Bits and bobs + Happy Weekend!

parents rosesIf last week has hectic, this week has been just as crazy in the aftermath of last weekend’s wedding festivities. Things haven’t exactly quietened down, what with all thirty or so relatives from abroad (aged 7 to 83) descending upon our cosy little abode for dinner one night! However, we have had time to smell the proverbial and not-so-proverbial roses as well as gorge ourselves on the best fruit that summer has to offer…Can’t complain!
backyardplucking beansbeanssa-soupstrawberriescherries1. Beautiful blooms at Jinn’s parents’ house…just in time for the wedding!

2. Roses and pompoms make the perfect combination in their backyard.

3 & 4. The bean bushes have certainly been amongst the most successful of our vegie plants!

5. A rare moment of quiet to myself. Calm before the storm I tell ya…

6 & 7. One of the reasons I love summer…And no these did not come from our garden – but hopefully someday they will! (Chance of this happening? Around 2%…)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Be good! Anyone done their Christmas shopping yet?

Happy weekend! + mini harvest

Our strawberry plant has been so kind as to put out two tiny little (but sweet!) fruits. Actually there were three but the snails clearly got to that one before we did. This is also a sneak peek into a “photoshoot” I did with our little orange friend – Schnooks! You shall meet him next week.

Until then – happy weekend!

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