Nothing rhymes with granola (The Silver Spoon #2)

Seriously, nothing does. Except for canola, but that’s barely exciting, is it?

While we were in the United States I developed a taste for the country’s very popular breakfast staple – granola. So after we returned I’d been trying to emulate the taste with various cereals and mueslis with mixed success rates. I happened to wander into the Cottesloe Boatshed Market to kill some time and of course to ogle their ever-changing, ever-beautiful, hunger-inducing displays of fresh produce when I spied my very heart’s desire. Well, more like my stomach’s desire.

So, today’s taste test is handmade granola from the Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery. Based in rural Victoria, the bakery was set up by two ex-Melbournian lawyers (a husband-and-wife team) in the restored stable of Irrewarra House in the year 2000. Initially more well-known for their bread, they soon diversified to include granola and sweet baked products into their repertoire. Their granola professes to contain only whole unprocessed natural ingredients with honey as the sole sweetener (no nasties!).

I have to admit, it didn’t taste quite like the granola I’d had in the states, mainly in that it wasn’t as sweet so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I had paired it with a relatively sour Greek yoghurt so it was possibly even my own fault. That said, the texture, the mix of grains and the yummy roasted almonds and walnuts still made it a delicious and healthy breakfast. Next time, I’ll probably add some strawberries or blueberries (my favourite!) and possibly (if I’m naughty) a smidge more honey.

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