Burgundy + lace + flower


illuminites-outfit-4It was unexpectedly a bit chilly on Friday night for the Illuminites night market so I had to bust out some stuff that I had put into my “Winter” pile. In fact, the weather has been a bit temperamental of late, so much so that it barely feels like Christmas is near! To me, Christmastime is usually verging on swelteringly hot so to have to wear anything other than a floaty little dress is kind of odd.

Talking about Christmas, have we all done our Christmas shopping yet? I know I haven’t…But I’ve always been the kind of person to leave assignments/piano practice/exam study to the last minute – yeah, living on the edge…not…!

P.S. The vintage tooled leather bag was a find from Bluebird Vintage at the Leederville Carnival. To be honest, I was kind of “over” tooled leather bags, but this one caught my eye and I couldn’t let it go. 🙂

illuminites-outfit-5 illuminites-outfit-3 illuminites-outfit-2 illuminites-outfit-6 illuminites-outfit-1

***What I’m wearing – ivory lace top by Madewell, burgundy velvet skinny jeans by Anthropologie (similar), tan suede bow flats by Miss Albright (these are uber cute), vintage tooled leather bag from Bluebird Vintage (totally digging this one), dusky pink flower necklace from Pigeonhole (bugger, can’t find anything similar – but hey why don’t I artfully distract you by checking out this loveliness by one of my favourite bloggers, K is for Kani), pearl earrings a gift from Mum

Build me up buttercup!

My absolute favourite colour of all time is yellow! I love it in all its incarnations – cheery buttercup (like this skirt) for bright summer days, mustard for the cooler months, pastel shades for a gentle pick-me-up if you’re not in the mood for look-at-me, and who could forget gold for all variety of eye-catching accessories. It’s such a happy, warm and optimistic colour. Whoever said yellow was the colour of cowardice? Try wearing top to toe yellow – now would a coward do that? Pfffft.

***What I’m wearing – cream lace top by Madewell (yes, I have a thing for cream lace tops, I have about seven in various cuts/lengths/lace designs), yellow pencil skirt by J. Crew (Omg on sale right now, and in other awesome colours too! I want the jade one…), suede bow clogs by May (similar here and here), rose and gem necklace by Anthropologie, polka dot wallet by Kate Spade

Roll over Ruck Rover…(+ Little Willy’s)

Perth City has undergone somewhat of an overhaul over the past two years, and in no place is it more evident than William Street, Northbridge. It once used to be a road lined with strip joints and bad restaurants, and I would certainly never have wandered down it alone after 8pm or so (and even if accompanied, at a very brisk pace!). Now the gorgeous old buildings have been restored to reveal their gorgeous late 1800s faces and are attracting more and more lovely new occupants! Tiny shops filled with racks of pretty vintage clothing, hole-in-the-wall coffee bars, and hip new restaurants are now filling up the spaces.

A more than welcome newcomer, Ruck Rover, has moved from its old home in Mount Lawley to join the now trendy crowd along this street. They stock a cute collection of clothing for guys, girls and children, as well as a wide range of gifts that would have nearly everyone on your Christmas list covered. Funky and brightly coloured beaded necklaces for your sister or BFF (I caved and bought one for myself!), polaroid cameras and film for any hipster in your life, sweet diaries that would impress any obsessive compulsive mum, and even homewares for the newly moved out.

I personally left with the aforementioned necklace, some earrings, a bunch of gorgeous greeting cards and the 50th issue of Frankie (yay for Frankie!). The place is dangerous I tells ya. Wandering further north up William Street we somehow also managed to acquire a new print from Outre Gallery by Matte Stephens, and an old Nina Simone record (an original pressing!) from Noise Pollution.

We may have travelled onwards but I hadn’t worn sensible shoes (now there’s a money-saving tactic!) so we stopped by Little Willy’s to enjoy their fine coffee and homemade pink lemonade. Now there’s a perfect ending to a perfect afternoon.

***What I’m wearing – ivory scallop lace top by Madewell, fuchsia petal skirt by Leifsdottir, black and tan wedges by Country Road (similar here and here), earrings by Kate Spade (similar), lip tint by Tarte in Spirited

***What he’s wearing – chambray shirt with dog embroidery by Pigeonhole (they don’t have the dog one anymore but they do have the duck one – here!

It’s not easy being green…


Oh but yes it is! It’s now heading into summer here in Australia and the colour I’m totally digging right now is green, ranging from the bright grassy variety down to the more understated moody jade type – whichever tickles your fancy! Add the colour to your table top, or to your home as an occasional chair, accentuate a monochromatic outfit with a bright accessory (picture a black and white polka dot dress with a chunky green beaded necklace – here’s one), or be brave and go all out with a green dress or floral onesie!

***1. Kate Spade heels, 2. Jadeite bowls from Terrain, 3. Kate Spade iPhone cover, 4. Fibreglass shell chair from Modernica, 5. Madewell dress, 6. Anthropologie earrings, 7. Cambridge satchel

Happy weekend! + the perfect dress

I guess I’m destined to tell you all about our holiday in a non-chronological order 🙂

After a rather cold stint in New York where it had generally always been sweater + jacket + scarf kind of weather, the high 20s-low 30s weather of Los Angeles was quite a welcome change. Except that I had nothing to wear…Thankfully, after two weeks in New York I had successfully acquired roughly 20kg of new clothing, and I found this sweet dress amongst it! (If my husband asks, it was just 10kg, maybe only 5…and definitely no shoes…or makeup…)

It’s what I call the “perfect” dress. Stripes – check! Pockets – check! Super comfy – check! Flattering – don’t mind if I say so! So I wore it everywhere, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then the next day also to Santa Monica Pier. For those of you from Western Australia, Santa Monica was possibly the closest-to-home experience I had in America. There was a large pier reminiscent of Busselton Jetty (but multiplied by about 100 and add two strange buskers – a black singing Willy Wonka???), a sandy beach (like Cottesloe except strangely manicured to be flat and duneless), and of course we had fish and chips for lunch! Good thing that dress is stretchy…

We played this “game” where the aim was to try and get as close to a seagull as possible without making it fly away. Here is a shot of my winning attempt!

Pretty good ‘ey? That’s me, part-time doctor, part-time gull-whisperer…

Anyhoo, have a good weekend everyone! There will be more about holiday shenanigans anon…

***What I’m wearing – Jersey stripe dress by pure + good via Anthropologie (current season but I can’t find it online! – similar), sunglasses by Madewell, shoes by Miss Albright from past season (similar)

***What he’s wearing – I don’t know! (similar)

Here we go round the prickly pear…

A strange fact about myself and my husband – we’re kinda into gardening. He loves all forms of cacti and succulents, great and small, and I love I suppose what you would call the more romantic plants, roses, tulips, ranunculi etc etc etc. I always thought gardening (forgive me if I offend anyone) to be a hobby for more “elderly” people, but when we moved into our house with rambling back AND front yards – we got hooked.

Evidence of this relatively unusual fetish was when we went on a day trip to Washington DC during our recent holiday overseas. While the other tourists were frantically rushing around trying to get pictures of the White House, Capitol, that huge obelisk (Washington Monument…?), we went to the National Botanic Gardens (nerds!). We were sitting on the hop-on hop-off bus tour, and when the tour guide asked if anyone wanted to get off to see the gardens we turned to each other rather sheepishly and realised that we both really really wanted to go!

Yes, like I said, we’re nerds. 😛

There’ll be photos of our own garden at some point, it’s just in a bit of a state since we’ve been away for three weeks!

***What I’m wearing (for those who care!) – Chambray top by Anthropologie, necklace bought at Brooklyn Flea by wishbyfelicity from vintage lucite beads (similar)

***What he’s wearing – Shirt by Scotch & Soda from past season (similar), shoes by Pointer (via Kaeho)

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