Happy weekend! + the perfect dress

I guess I’m destined to tell you all about our holiday in a non-chronological order 🙂

After a rather cold stint in New York where it had generally always been sweater + jacket + scarf kind of weather, the high 20s-low 30s weather of Los Angeles was quite a welcome change. Except that I had nothing to wear…Thankfully, after two weeks in New York I had successfully acquired roughly 20kg of new clothing, and I found this sweet dress amongst it! (If my husband asks, it was just 10kg, maybe only 5…and definitely no shoes…or makeup…)

It’s what I call the “perfect” dress. Stripes – check! Pockets – check! Super comfy – check! Flattering – don’t mind if I say so! So I wore it everywhere, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then the next day also to Santa Monica Pier. For those of you from Western Australia, Santa Monica was possibly the closest-to-home experience I had in America. There was a large pier reminiscent of Busselton Jetty (but multiplied by about 100 and add two strange buskers – a black singing Willy Wonka???), a sandy beach (like Cottesloe except strangely manicured to be flat and duneless), and of course we had fish and chips for lunch! Good thing that dress is stretchy…

We played this “game” where the aim was to try and get as close to a seagull as possible without making it fly away. Here is a shot of my winning attempt!

Pretty good ‘ey? That’s me, part-time doctor, part-time gull-whisperer…

Anyhoo, have a good weekend everyone! There will be more about holiday shenanigans anon…

***What I’m wearing – Jersey stripe dress by pure + good via Anthropologie (current season but I can’t find it online! – similar), sunglasses by Madewell, shoes by Miss Albright from past season (similar)

***What he’s wearing – I don’t know! (similar)

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