Here we go round the prickly pear…

A strange fact about myself and my husband – we’re kinda into gardening. He loves all forms of cacti and succulents, great and small, and I love I suppose what you would call the more romantic plants, roses, tulips, ranunculi etc etc etc. I always thought gardening (forgive me if I offend anyone) to be a hobby for more “elderly” people, but when we moved into our house with rambling back AND front yards – we got hooked.

Evidence of this relatively unusual fetish was when we went on a day trip to Washington DC during our recent holiday overseas. While the other tourists were frantically rushing around trying to get pictures of the White House, Capitol, that huge obelisk (Washington Monument…?), we went to the National Botanic Gardens (nerds!). We were sitting on the hop-on hop-off bus tour, and when the tour guide asked if anyone wanted to get off to see the gardens we turned to each other rather sheepishly and realised that we both really really wanted to go!

Yes, like I said, we’re nerds. 😛

There’ll be photos of our own garden at some point, it’s just in a bit of a state since we’ve been away for three weeks!

***What I’m wearing (for those who care!) – Chambray top by Anthropologie, necklace bought at Brooklyn Flea by wishbyfelicity from vintage lucite beads (similar)

***What he’s wearing – Shirt by Scotch & Soda from past season (similar), shoes by Pointer (via Kaeho)

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