Tuck into this! (The Silver Spoon#1)

A place I’d been meaning to try for a while is the Tuck Shop Cafe (plus Pie-House and Delicatessen!). It’s tucked (yes, pun intended) away in a slightly unlikely part of Northbridge along Newcastle St.

We went early-ish (around 11:30am) and because the menu had some great breakfast/brunch/lunch options that ALL sounded super delicious I had a great deal of trouble deciding what to eat! In the end I settled on the smoked cod, leek and grain mustard potato bake with parmesan toastie, and Jinn on a good ol’ BLT.

Some places just don’t live up to the hype…but this place did! The food tastes as good as it looks – my smoked cod bake was creamy deliciousness with just the right amount of “leeky” aroma, and the poached egg on top spilled its runny golden yolk into the bowl just to make you die with yumminess that little bit more. (Aargh! Adjective overload!) The BLT was filled with generous amounts of crispy, salty bacon and a lovely tomato relish, offset by some fresh iceberg lettuce, and was served with a bowl of handcut chips which Jinn described as (no kidding), “The best chips I’ve ever eaten”. So smooth and perfectly cooked on the inside, so crisp and golden on the outside.

Verdict? The food and coffee are both worth seeking this little place out! The menu has a good combination of breakfast staples (eggs on toast, granola, pancakes) as well as inventive, delicious-sounding substantial meals. I hear the pies are legendary and I will most certainly be back to give them a try!

All gone!

The Tuck Shop Cafe, Pie-House & Delicatessen / Unit 1/180 Newcastle St, Northbridge, Western Australia

***What I’m wearing – chambray button-down shirt by Madewell, bow tie from past season by Urban Renewal via Urban Outfitters (similar)


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