You say goodbye…and I say hello! (Quick stopover in Perth!)


I managed to flit in and out of Perth last weekend whilst en route from Broome to a paediatric course in Shepparton (in rural Victoria – yes, it was indeed exceedingly painful touching down in Melbourne but not being allowed to go shopping! All mah girls say – awww…). But that’s okay! I had just 24 little hours at home but managed to fit in my sister-in-law’s birthday lunch in picturesque East Perth, a visit plus some retail therapy in my beloved CBD, and dinner with my family where my mum cooked all my favourite dishes and I ate enough to satisfy my Asian-food-quota for at least the next three months.

I’d seen some pictures of Gorman’s latest collection (she has been killing it of late!) and made her store in Enex100 my first port of call. Well, I do admit to making a couple of detours – to snap up some heavily reduced pieces of Karen Walker and have a chit-chat and a short sunglasses swap session with one of the lovely Myer girls (she had this pair, amaze!) and, as always, to run my fingers longingly through the exquisite French lace pieces by Lover in David Jones. But I did eventually make it to my final destination and with only moderate damage to the wallet sustained.

Other places on my hitlist were Miss Brown’s pop-up shop also in enex100 and who could resist a quick visit to Pigeonhole’s wildly successful (and hugely expanded!) store at one40william. Jinn was unusually in a very “yes” mood (he’s usually the voice of reason when I lapse into retail delirium), perhaps it was because he hadn’t seen me in two weeks or because he could rest assured that I’d be at least 2500 kilometres away from the nearest Gorman until April. Maybe both! But let’s just say – a highly successful day was had.

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***What I’m wearing – top by Arabella Ramsay (so totally not the same but, in the spirit of detours, how badly do I want this?), shorts by Sretsis (here’s a cute top with a similar vibe), pink leather shoes by The Horse (love these), Super Duper Strength sunglasses by Karen Walker (in black), paper aeroplane necklace by The Bunny (still transportation-themed), vintage tooled leather bag from Bluebird Vintage (get a custom-made one!)

***What he’s wearing – Jimi Hendrix t-shirt by H&M (similar), sunglasses by Cheap Monday, green backpack by Herschel (similar)

Feeling feline…

feline-outfit-1I put this outfit together, really just trying to wear as many lightweight, breezy fabrics as possible given the hot weather of late. I then realised I was pretty much fully laden with cat-themed paraphernalia – the top has tiny jaguar head studs and the Zara pants have leopards printed all over them. Even my subconscious mind betrays me – this once cat-avoider is now a cat-lover, from head to toe…Literally!

Just a wee shout out to The Bunny, the local creative behind this gorgeous studded top and the neon necklace. They will be holding a stall at the upcoming Laneway Night Markets to be held in Northbridge on Saturday January 27th and Sunday January 28th from 4pm to 10pm, so be sure to check them out!
feline-outfit-4feline-outfit-6feline-outfit-12feline-outfit-14feline-outfit-10feline-outfit-3***What I’m wearing – white jaguar studded top by The Bunny (better get to the Laneway Markets!), leopard print pants by Zara (these are pretty dang amazing), neon yellow necklace also by The Bunny, white and black bangles by CC Skye (why hello my pretties…here and here)

Eleta (aka The Bunny!)

bunny-shoppe-6Meet Eleta – the owner and creator of The Bunny, purveyor of fine handmade goodies that have a hint of quirkiness and individuality, achieved by using a clever mix of vintage and new elements. This online store (and now real-life summer market stall) was established in early 2011 and has already started making a ripple amongst Perth’s fashion and accessory lovers. I came across The Bunny at the Illuminites Night Market just before Christmas and was immediately drawn to its girly yet playful aesthetic made fashion forward with its bold pops of neon colours and inclusion of difficult to find objects such as unusual collar tips and Fifi Lapin pendants.

I got the chance to find out more about the lovely lady behind the concept – how things all began, what motivates and inspires her. It was so much more than an interview, we ended up chatting and I shared just as much with her about my dreams and aspirations as she did with me. I was truly inspired by this young woman who has built a small business upon her natural gift for finding and making beautiful things, an almost entirely instinctive business sense, and an underlying and big-hearted desire to share her good fortune with others. Take note! The Bunny donates 10% of all its proceeds to charities and causes it supports (thusfar, Oxfam, Unicef and Zonta) – an admirable venture indeed.


So! How did The Bunny concept all start? What inspired/motivated you?

Well, it really all started off at a very young age – in fact, at the age of ten when a friend and I started making friendship bracelets and realised we could sell them and make money! (Sarah: Wow, such business acumen at a tender young age!) Hahaha…Really I’ve always enjoyed making and creating things with my hands for as long as I can remember, and have always been fascinated by fashion and trends. I don’t have a particular muse or style icon, but glean a lot of inspiration from travelling and people-watching – I collect so many trinkets, fabrics and vintage what-nots during my trips, and love coming home and creating something new with them. So the natural marriage of all these things resulted in creating my own accessories, and ultimately into starting up my own online store!

It hasn’t always been this way. I actually have a background in teaching and taught specifically in the area of special needs kids back home in Singapore. I loved it and found it very fulfilling. But when I moved to Perth after getting married, none of my certificates were recognised and I found myself very bored and idle. So I started doing what I know and love best, i.e. making jewellery, and I made more and more until I was almost drowning in it! Naturally then came the idea of selling it – and the rest is history!

What’s it like owning a small business? Highlights/lowlights?

I don’t actually have any formal business training so actually everything I’ve done so far is pretty much based on gut instinct and, of course, trial and error. So far so good! A highlight has really got to be the recent Illuminites Night Market that was held in Northbridge. Sales were really successful (S: They were! The stall was swarming with excited ladies and I had to fight my way through!) and such an encouragement for me. I’m looking forward to setting up more stalls in the future!

In terms of lowlights, there haven’t been too many, but I did go through a slight rough patch with my husband when I was just getting overly consumed with the shop and not spending enough time and attention on our relationship. Thankfully, we realised this and although I still have a passion for running my little business, I definitely make sure I’m not neglecting my friends and family.

What are your favourite picks from your current collections?

Oh, without a doubt my favourite has to be anything from my Fifi Lapin line of accessories. Particularly the one I’m wearing today! (See the pics below!) The illustrations are just so cool…

Thanks for talking to me! I’m sure this won’t be the last time we meet – I had too much fun. 🙂


Be sure to check out The Bunny and say hi to Eleta at the upcoming Laneway Night Market, presented by OnWilliam as part of the Fringe World Festival. The markets will take place on both Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January from 4 to 10pm, tucked in Hook and Lock Lanes. Be there or be so very sad…Because you would’ve missed out on nabbing some major goodies!

Also don’t forget to check out the Fringe World Festival program which kicks off on Friday 25th January – too good to miss!bunny-shoppe-2bunny-shoppe-3bunny-shoppe-1bunny-shoppe-4 bunny-shoppe-7

Gratuitous self-shot! How could we not?

The procrastinator’s Christmas gift guide!

christmas-mood-board-2012If you’re like me, you’ve done it again and left all your Christmas shopping to the very last minute! If you’re from Perth, these products are all either found in stores locally, or at least in Australia with the possibility for delivery prior to Christmas Eve. Eeks, that’s cutting it close…! Take a look – there’s something here for any lovely lady in your life, from stylish homemaker, chic fashionista, arts and craft enthusiast, and even the tech savvy babe!

Wish me luck! Still have to buy presents for my dad and my husband – guys are always the most difficult!

***1. Gorman Night Sky top, 2. Bananagrams from Toys ‘R’ Us, 3. Marimekko teapot from Angelucci 20th Century, 4. Printed tea towel from Kikki-K, 5. Neon bow earrings by The Bunny, 6. Hardwood iPhone 4/4S/5 cover by A Skulk Of Foxes, 7. Alphabet rubber stamps from Remedy

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