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Image by Stephen Nichollsunnamed2011-06-2500-01-Apartment House-Matt Biocich post-arch-king-st-studio State Theatre Centre. Kerry Hill Architects

This weekend Perth opens its doors and let’s you see inside 70 venues dotted around the city. Open House Perth is running this Saturday and Sunday (1st and 2nd November) and gives you the chance to look behind the scenes of some very public places and also into some very intimate private residences. This is the third year Perth has hosted this worldwide event and we’re super honoured to be given the chance to cover the event as official media partners – so stay tuned for a look at our favourite destinations!

So far, places on our must-see list are David Weir’s Apartment House (pictured third from the top), Sussex St House (fourth from the top), Post Studio and Gallery (fifth from top) and the State Theatre Centre (last picture). Other venues open for viewing are a number of other architecturally designed homes, as well as many architectural firms themselves and some cool spaces around Perth such as Paper Mountain, La Petite Galerie, PICA, Beau Est Mien and Moana Chambers. Not only that, there are also several amazing sounding guided walking tours around the city. So much to see, so much to do!

This is an exceptional event run by a small group of passionate people (Here’s lookin’ at you, Carly!) with a tremendous love for architecture in this city. Come down, explore and check out Open House Perth this weekend! You are bound to have your eyes opened by the amount of hidden gems in this city.

Open House Perth / 10am to 5pm / Sat Nov 1st and Sun Nov 2

Image credits (from top): Jinn, Stephan Nicholls, Martin Farquharson, Matt Biocich, Vanity Projects, Robert Frith

Meet Kelsie – K Gets Organised

kgetsorganised-1 kgetsorganised-2 kgetsorganised-15 kgetsorganised-3 kgetsorganised-4 kgetsorganised-5 kgetsorganised-6 kgetsorganised-7 kgetsorganised-8 kgetsorganised-9 kgetsorganised-10I have quite a number of character flaws, but one of my major ones (and my mum would totally agree) is my messiness. I’ve completely lost count on how many New Year’s resolutions I’ve made and that proverbial new leaf has been turned over time and time again – but to no avail. I love articles such as this one that legitimise my cluttered desktop as a sign of prolific creativity, and I assure you that there is a method to my madness. But it would be nice to be able to front up calm and composedly to my accountant come tax return time with one or two neat folders of paperwork rather than the usual balls of crumpled paper that were most definitely not pulled out from the bottom of a handbag that I haven’t used in months.

Kelsie from K gets organised must be an angel sent from on high. She maintains absolute order in a world populated not by dull filing cabinets but with dreamy pastels, washi tape, and handlettered motivational phrases. And she gets. shit. done. (Pardon mon Francais!)

This little lady sure is busy. She runs a blog where you can read her interviews with other equally inspiring and highly organised people (mythical beings in my eyes), she’s designed and launched her own stationery label, and you’ll be able to see her pop up at pretty much every single market around Perth this summer!

Last weekend we popped by Kelsie’s petite, light-filled studio with our aeropress in hand and had a yarn over mugs of freshly brewed coffee.


What have been some highlights of your stationery career so far? 

I have to say attending Paperfest 2014 in London earlier this year was just amazing. It was a forum for young and new paper and print businesses to meet and learn from successful companies and those that are leading in the business. I got to meet Anna Bond (of Rifle Paper Co. fame!) in person – that was an absolute buzz! In terms of business role model, she is queen! She jumps into everything headfirst and works hard to make it happen, an attitude I admire so much.

It has been both humbling and amazing to see my business grow, in size and in reach. Lately, I’ve been posting orders to the United States and Europe, and I’m soon to be stocked at NoteMaker! I love that site! To see my products up there will be such an incredible accomplishment.

What inspires you to create your lovely, fun-filled designs?

I’m inspired by things I love (uh hello, macarons!) and things that I see around me. I’m working on a new range featuring sketches from my recent travels overseas. At the moment, I’m also obsessed with mid-century fonts and designs and you’ll find images that I like dotted around my studio.

I want my stationery to look so good that getting organised and writing to-do lists are fun and a pleasure to do!


Give us three hot tips to becoming a stylishly organised gal like yourself…

1. Write it down AND schedule it!
Write your to-do list and ensure you know how long a task will be actioned instead of sitting pretty on a list you might not return to (sometimes life gets in the way!). I like to schedule mine into my iCal so that I get reminders via my iPhone and on my laptop.
2. Find your own style and embrace it!
I’m definitely more of a night person so I know to write out my lists, plan my day and complete my big tasks after I’ve had dinner. If you’re an early riser – play to your strengths and schedule your tasks and do your planning in the morning! Too many people fight themselves and end up causing themselves a lot of unnecessary stress trying to be something they aren’t.
3. Give yourself a time limit.
Work can expand for hours and hours. When I’m writing out my to-do list I make sure that I write down how long I think the task will take me. If anything on my list says it will take me 5 minutes, I get it done straight away. Anything longer, I like to put in my calendar so I make sure I block out time for it. For really big tasks like commission work or designing a whole line I like to give myself a final deadline (usually a launch party for example – something fun to look forward to) and plan backwards from there.motif-2
Thanks for the pointers, Kelsie! I hope to put them to good use – heaven knows I need to!
Find Kelsie at the Something Different Etsy pop up market from 7th to 9th November in Leederville! Otherwise mosey on over to her webstore to check out her sweet wares.
Kelsie White / K Gets Organised / Blog / Webstore

Kinfolk gathering – Wabi-sabi

kinfolk-wabi-sabi-7kinfolk-wabi-sabi-1 kinfolk-wabi-sabi-2 kinfolk-wabi-sabi-4kinfolk-wabi-sabi-1-2kinfolk-wabi-sabi-1-3kinfolk-wabi-sabi-3kinfolk-wabi-sabi-8 kinfolk-wabi-sabi-9kinfolk-wabi-sabi-11kinfolk-wabi-sabi-12kinfolk-wabi-sabi-13kinfolk-wabi-sabi-16kinfolk-wabi-sabi-15kinfolk-wabi-sabi-18kinfolk-wabi-sabi-10Wabi-sabi. Finding beauty in imperfection, asymmetry and simplicity.

The year’s second Kinfolk gathering centred around this concept and invited us to leave our phones and pretentions at the door to enjoy “a messy meal” in each other’s company. Some gathered round the table and others on the floor, the finest food was savoured and the conversation naturally ebbed and flowed, most notably “ebbing” when those divinely succulent lamb cutlets arrived. They demanded our full attentions.

Other notable mentions. The revelrous texture of our ceramic bowls, deliciously rough to the touch. The winsome greenery strung from the rafters to transport us someplace magical. Candles burnt down to their stumps, a night well spent.motif-2

Host & stylist – Stacey Clark

Floral art – Fox and Rabbit

Tableware – Eucalypt Homewares

Hand lettering – The Articulate

Food – Kent Street Deli

Drink – Eagle Bay Brewing Co

Photography – Still Love

Film – Oriss Films

Gifts – Aesop Skincare

Venue – Hush Espresso

K Gets Organised at Beau Est Mien

k-beau-7 k-beau-5 k-beau1-1Get  yourselves down to Beau est Mien whilst the lovely Kelsie from K Gets Organised is the artist in residence. She has a great range of stationery and paper products to help all of your disorganised needs (if you’re anything like me!). She is also holding a workshop on Sunday 19th October where she will let you in on her secrets for a productive and organised life, and you’ll go home with your very own personalised calendar at the end of the day! 

We’ll be getting the chance to pop by Kelsie’s studio next week so stay tuned for more!

See Kelsie’s range of products online here.

Second photo courtesy of Tanya Voltchanskaya

Maeker Studio

maeker-studio-8 maeker-studio-2 maeker-studio-3 maeker-studio-10maeker-studio-9maeker-1 maeker-studio-11 maeker-studio-7 maeker-studio-13 maeker-studio-5 maeker-studio-14 maeker-studio-4maeker2-1More and more I’ve been learning the importance of living better and living bigger. And by bigger and better I don’t mean more luxurious or more expensive or more exclusive. I mean taking your life and your intentions in your own two hands and resolving to live, for want of a better term, as a good human being. Not necessarily always taking the easy road but consciously choosing the slower, perhaps more difficult way in order to achieve your own personal goals and ensure the just treatment of your own fellow men and women.

I get the sense that these are the kind of people Spencer and Marie-Clare are striving, nay, achieving at being, whether they’re actually consciously trying or just have it innately in them or perhaps a bit of both. After meeting them at the inaugural Cranmore Home Winter Workshop earlier this year and getting to touch their silky smooth dining table (that’s not weird at all) we finally caught up again with the pair in their own Fremantle workshop tucked in the basement of Many6160.

In the workshop, we’re surrounded by many pieces of wood in a multitude of tones and shapes, all awaiting their new calling in life. Currently in the pipeline are some magnificent benches for Cranmore Home made from timber reclaimed from an old dam in WA’s southwest region. There are other equally stunning pieces, including an almost-finished dining table with multiple perfect inlays (the kind that I call bow ties but have since learnt are called Dutchman wood joints) and brass accents. Said table would have come home with me if I drove a ute rather than a hatchback and had some extra dosh. But that’s okay, our time will come.

What strikes me most is their utmost commitment to their beliefs and work ethos – to produce beautiful to hold and behold masterpieces of furniture from recycled, reclaimed and found timber. Pieces that will last and stay with you and your family for lifetimes to come and be treasured, continually passing down the ever important message of sustainability. They think not just about themselves but for the future of the generations to come. And did I mention what an amazing little family they have? They make parenting sound like the most organic and natural thing to do! Marie-Clare is pretty much my ultimate Mummy-crush. They are both so clearly in love with being parents of two (plus one soon!) who truly live and breathe what they believe in. Think I’m exaggerating? Well, Milly their three-year-old is already getting in on the action and sanding her own wooden boards with gusto! That’s about as good a sign as any!

There are many ways to get some Maeker into your own home. Hit them up on their website or, to see some of their awe-inspiring work in person, Spencer and Marie-Clare will be at the upcoming York Bzzaar happening soon on Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th. Aside from furniture, they’ll soon be offering a range of homewares, custom lighting, and they also do bespoke bedroom, kitchen and bathroom fitouts (that’s a yes from me!).

Remember to support our independent, local businesses, particularly ones like Maeker who stand for so much more than the almighty dollar sign. Next time you’re making a purchase for your home, rather than buying ten cheap things that will likely be found in landfill a few years down the track, consider and invest in that one timeless, well made piece that will grace your home and your kids’ homes for a long, long time.

Maeker Studio / Facebook / Instagram / MANY6160, Kings Square, Fremantle /

Want to try your own hand at “maeking” something? Find out about small group workshops here or contact Spencer to organise your own.

Product photos courtesy of Maeker Studio


bhalo-1 bhalo-2 bhalo-3 bhalo-4Goodness gracious me, how sweet are these pieces from Bhalo’s latest collection! The easy breezy cuts and colours that make me feel like eating gelato in a forest on a sunny day (I’ll make it happen someday) are just what the doctor ordered for the summer which, if you live in Perth, seems to be almost here but then swept away by yet another windy showery weekend. Oh Mr Weatherman, you are such a tease. Nevertheless, we know any moment now our searing summer will be upon us and I think I’ll be wanting to spend some of those days in one (or more!) of these dresses.

Beyond their good looking wares, Bhalo is an independent fashion label based right here in Perth and champions the cause for fair trade practices. Their limited edition garments are produced ethically in rural Bangladesh using natural hand woven textiles. What began as a charity has successfully resulted in a self-sustaining business that provides jobs within this small village, and has also brought with it opportunities to assist the people with issues such as literacy, health awareness, and economics.

We can all make a difference and make this world a more unified and just place to live in. Bhalo is an incredible example of how one’s interests and passions can collide and meld to create something that beautifully bridges the divide between the developed and developing worlds.

Bhalo is exclusively stocked in Perth at Fi and Co and Bibi.

Can’t be stuffed getting out of your PJs? That’s ok, their pretty webstore is here.

Read more about their inspirational story here.

Go wild

Wildest Weddings-98 Wildest Weddings-11 Wildest Weddings-45 Wildest Weddings-107 Wildest Weddings-91 Wildest Weddings-105 Wildest Weddings-55Wildest Weddings-29 Wildest Weddings-18Wildest Weddings-109Wildest Weddings-3Wildest Weddings-106Wildest Weddings-43Wildest Weddings-84Wildest Weddings-95Wildest Weddings-92 Wildest Weddings-63 Wildest Weddings-85Wildest Weddings-81Wildest Weddings-70Wildest Weddings-47 Wildest Weddings-97A little while ago, a good friend of mine who I’ve only met in recent years came over for dinner. She looked for some time at one of our wedding photos on the wall and finally said, “Who’s that?”. I hadn’t quite realised just how much we’ve changed over the last (almost) six years! Our faces haven’t changed that dramatically, but we’re certainly more sure of ourselves, more secure in each other, and of course our style has evolved too. Those old wedding photos still reflect a time that is deeply special to us, but I’ve often said that if we got married today, we’d do things very differently.

Enter Rhianna. We spied the backs of each others’ heads across a crowded room (how romantic) at a Kinfolk dinner and reconnected when Rhi asked us if we’d mind featuring in a photo shoot for her upcoming wedding collective, Wildest Weddings. Would I mind?! As if!

With Rhi’s masterful eye and her insanely talented team this photo shoot was an absolute dream to be a part of. Honestly, after seeing this result and also having the delightful experience of working with such lovely and relaxed but perfectionistic people I would let these guys plan my wedding any day. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of person to usually just go with the flow, particularly when aesthetics are involved! I am generally very particular with stuff that goes on my face and have slight trust issues (due to many mishaps, usually involving crazy eyebrows and failed curls) to the point of having had my hair and makeup for special occasions done by the same two people for many years!

Wildest Weddings are a collective of artists who aim to make your wedding planning a breeze and the momentous day itself so preciously styled and captured that you will never forget it. And neither will any of your guests, I guarantee it. They’ve got all the bases covered and offer the services of a photographer, stylist, floral artist, makeup and hair stylist, cake maker (by golly, that cake was good), and musicians! You can enlist as many of their services as you wish and they even offer complete pop up wedding styling, all you have to do is turn up on the day. Their ultimate aim is to take the busyness and stress out of wedding planning, all in one amazing yet affordable package.

Ladies and gents, get in line quicksticks! These guys are going to be high in demand…


Wildest Weddings /

Photos by Rhianna May Photography

Dress by Little Gracie

Bowties by Gentleman & Scholar

Kate + Abel

kateandabel-12kateandabel-11kateandabel-10kateandabel-9kateandabel-8kateandabel-7kateandabel-6kateandabel-5kateandabel-4kateandabel-3kateandabel-2kateandabel-1When we grow up we wanna be Matt and Kate. They’re the milliners from the I-want-one-of-everything hat label, St Saviours, the shopkeepers of Kate + Abel, and the heart and soul behind the much-needed, pure genius, Fremantle-based Spacemarket project, Many6160. You know those days where you set out to get started on that amazing idea you had bright and early in the morning, decide to take a quick peek at your phone to check your email then realise at 9:30 in the evening that you’d accidentally spent all day playing Farmville (oh, that’s just me?) – well, I don’t believe Kate or Matt have ever been guilty of this. Words like procrastination, tomorrow, later and impossible don’t even seem to exist in their vocabularies, and oh how I wish to take more than just a leaf out of their book. They are an inspiring and tight duo, brim full of verve, life and ideas.

Whilst living in London, Kate and Matt first found their knack for millinery when they started customising their own hats with unique trims. After receiving streams of compliments and exclamations of “Where did you get that?”, they thought they could really make something of it and began selling their hats in markets around East London as well as music festivals under their label, St Saviours.

One hat. Two hats. And to their open-jawed surprise and delight soon their hats were flying out the door! They had really hit a chord amongst the fashion-savvy of London and found their own creative niche. And you know you really must be doing something right when you get approached by Topshop and see your wares being sold in their flagship Oxford Circus store. They also caught the eye of Anthropologie and luxury department store, Harvey Nichols. Lucky for us Perthians, these chic-as headtoppers are now available at Kate + Abel at Many6160 in Fremantle. You can’t say you’re not a hat-person until you’ve visited these guys. There is a vast array of colours to choose from – the lush felt hails from London and the palm frond panama hats all the way from Ecuador to ensure you get the very best and the most authentic result. Trims are fully customisable, from leather to feathers to pompoms, and can be deftly sewn on whilst you wait.

On a bigger picture, grander scale, Matt and Kate are the visionary coordinators of the Many6160 collective, the likes of which Perth has never seen. Many6160 is part of the Spacemarket organisation and movement which seeks to “pair disused spaces with useful people” with a focus on affordability and supporting upcoming local talent. Many6160 is the largest group of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere boasting 22000 square metres of ground space! On the ground floor they host storefronts to many creatives and designers (such as Peaches & Clean and Anya Brock) and conduct small workshops for the Skillsmithery by the beloved Studio Bomba. The other floors are the workspaces for a number of independent small companies like Maeker Studio, A Good Looking Man, and Dunk n Wagnell. This space is such an inviting blank canvas of possibilities that we’ve also seen a pop-up rooftop bar and a top secret concert organised by the one and only Jarrad Seng featuring the ethereal Kate Miller-Heidke.

Kate and Matt pour so much of their hearts, time and sheer muscles into making this project fly. They are so selfless in their promotion of others and have an incredible drive and desire to see the creative community of Perth come together and thrive. They bring their vision and overseas experiences to Perth to create something that is so uniquely Perth. We loved meeting these two so instantly likeable people. In what felt like only a few minutes, we whiled away almost a couple of hours in conversation, ranging from the joys and woes of social media to the dilemmas faced by us modern humans and even fit in a quick tour of the vast space.

Til next time guys!

Be sure to visit Many6160 to meet and support a great bunch of local creatives. The place is also available for venue hire with a variety of spaces suitable for small groups to raging mobs.

Kate + Abel / Many6160 / / Friday to Sunday 10am – 5pm


perth-instameet-1 perth-instameet-9 perth-instameet-10perth-instameet-2perth-instameet-4 perth-instameet-5perth-instameet-16perth-instameet-19perth-instameet-12perth-instameet-6 perth-instameet-7perth-instameet-17 perth-instameet-8perth-instameet-13perth-instameet-14 perth-instameet-18 perth-instameet-15The crazy (in a good way), ever-buzzing, unstoppable mind of Stacey Clark never fails to amaze and astound me. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s comin’ to get you, big ol’ world. Pairing up with the equally exceptional Bec Tougas, a fellow stylist, these two concocted and masterminded Perth’s first ever official Instameet. If you’ve currently got your finger anywhere near Perth’s creative pulse, you’d feel how strong the beat and the community is becoming.

Bloggers, photographers, floral artists, graphic designers, illustrators, stylists, coffee roasters, letterpressers, jewellery makers, and generally awesome people flocked to the stylish surrounds of Empire in Highgate (did I ever mention that half our house is furnished by Empire!?). I felt like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka’s factory! We got to meet so many people in person and put faces and real names to Instagram handles. Between the happy hubbub and chatter, our appetites and attention-deficit disorder traits were catered to with an array of mountainous cupcakes by Laura Isabella and affogatos  that were a mind-blowing collaboration between Chicho Gelato and Micrology Coffee Roasters. Drinks flowed from the back of Bar Pop’s signature orange pickup truck and from Pure Glow Cleanse’s juice bar for those health nuts amongst us. If you tired from all the talk, there was a fab photo booth replete with golden glitter by Hello Love Designs and a flower station where you could choose your blooms and have them speedily and expertly arranged into a sweet little posy by Debra Hayes.


And I haven’t even finished name-dropping yet.

No gathering is complete without some mighty fine examples of hand lettering by The Articulate (who also managed to snap up an exquisite marble chopping board right from under my nose – I won’t forget this, Tash!). To capture all the amazingness and catch you mid-cupcake-mouthful was Christine Lim and her partner, Ethan Ho. As if we didn’t already feel spoilt rotten, guests were also given a gift card from Origrami, those cool folk who make it their business to print out your favourite Instagram photos for you.

This mingling of Perth talents and minds was tangibly surging with positivity, possibility, and collaboration. It makes my little chest puff up with pride and joy to observe this all happening right here, right now, and we feel honoured and humbled to be in the company of such people with limitless ideas, boundless energy and talent, and a willingness to share it with others.

In the words of @shelancreatives, #perthisthenewblack.


jaggar-10 jaggar-9 jaggar-8 jaggar-7 jaggar-6 jaggar-5 jaggar-4 jaggar-1Wearing – Jaggar top, Neuw jeans (in black), Zoe Kratzmann boots, Lee Coren clutch, earrings from Common Ground

Denim and leather.

A monochromatic day to fit a monochromatic mood.

The feel of soft suede in my hands.

Stained lips and cheeks.

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