Artist Open House Fremantle

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Boy oh boy, are we all in for a treat this weekend! Hot on the tails of the Open House Perth, Artist Open House Fremantle is on this Friday through to Sunday.

Seven Fremantle residences (all within walking distance of each other) have been filled with local art and beautifully styled into living, breathing galleries. This unique concept showcases art in the home, so we not only admire it but can better see how it could fit and enrich our own living spaces.

Exciting and new to AOHF is the Styled House, a collaboration with superstar stylist Jo Carmichael. Everything in this house from the art to the textiles to the furniture are for sale. We were lucky enough to be given the chance to have a sneaky preview look of this amazing location. As you can see from our photos, the place is just a dream, an absolutely feast for the eyes and unfastener of purse strings.

Well now you know what your plans this weekend are, start your day off at Ootong & Lincoln, not only serving up its usual tasty fare and coffee but also acting as the AOHF Headquarters this weekend! Be sure to head over to the Artist Open House Fremantle website to find out more details and download a map!

Artist Open House Fremantle / IG @artistopenhousefremantle / Facebook / Friday November 13th to Sunday November 15th

Maeker Studio

maeker-studio-8 maeker-studio-2 maeker-studio-3 maeker-studio-10maeker-studio-9maeker-1 maeker-studio-11 maeker-studio-7 maeker-studio-13 maeker-studio-5 maeker-studio-14 maeker-studio-4maeker2-1More and more I’ve been learning the importance of living better and living bigger. And by bigger and better I don’t mean more luxurious or more expensive or more exclusive. I mean taking your life and your intentions in your own two hands and resolving to live, for want of a better term, as a good human being. Not necessarily always taking the easy road but consciously choosing the slower, perhaps more difficult way in order to achieve your own personal goals and ensure the just treatment of your own fellow men and women.

I get the sense that these are the kind of people Spencer and Marie-Clare are striving, nay, achieving at being, whether they’re actually consciously trying or just have it innately in them or perhaps a bit of both. After meeting them at the inaugural Cranmore Home Winter Workshop earlier this year and getting to touch their silky smooth dining table (that’s not weird at all) we finally caught up again with the pair in their own Fremantle workshop tucked in the basement of Many6160.

In the workshop, we’re surrounded by many pieces of wood in a multitude of tones and shapes, all awaiting their new calling in life. Currently in the pipeline are some magnificent benches for Cranmore Home made from timber reclaimed from an old dam in WA’s southwest region. There are other equally stunning pieces, including an almost-finished dining table with multiple perfect inlays (the kind that I call bow ties but have since learnt are called Dutchman wood joints) and brass accents. Said table would have come home with me if I drove a ute rather than a hatchback and had some extra dosh. But that’s okay, our time will come.

What strikes me most is their utmost commitment to their beliefs and work ethos – to produce beautiful to hold and behold masterpieces of furniture from recycled, reclaimed and found timber. Pieces that will last and stay with you and your family for lifetimes to come and be treasured, continually passing down the ever important message of sustainability. They think not just about themselves but for the future of the generations to come. And did I mention what an amazing little family they have? They make parenting sound like the most organic and natural thing to do! Marie-Clare is pretty much my ultimate Mummy-crush. They are both so clearly in love with being parents of two (plus one soon!) who truly live and breathe what they believe in. Think I’m exaggerating? Well, Milly their three-year-old is already getting in on the action and sanding her own wooden boards with gusto! That’s about as good a sign as any!

There are many ways to get some Maeker into your own home. Hit them up on their website or, to see some of their awe-inspiring work in person, Spencer and Marie-Clare will be at the upcoming York Bzzaar happening soon on Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th. Aside from furniture, they’ll soon be offering a range of homewares, custom lighting, and they also do bespoke bedroom, kitchen and bathroom fitouts (that’s a yes from me!).

Remember to support our independent, local businesses, particularly ones like Maeker who stand for so much more than the almighty dollar sign. Next time you’re making a purchase for your home, rather than buying ten cheap things that will likely be found in landfill a few years down the track, consider and invest in that one timeless, well made piece that will grace your home and your kids’ homes for a long, long time.

Maeker Studio / Facebook / Instagram / MANY6160, Kings Square, Fremantle /

Want to try your own hand at “maeking” something? Find out about small group workshops here or contact Spencer to organise your own.

Product photos courtesy of Maeker Studio

Kate + Abel

kateandabel-12kateandabel-11kateandabel-10kateandabel-9kateandabel-8kateandabel-7kateandabel-6kateandabel-5kateandabel-4kateandabel-3kateandabel-2kateandabel-1When we grow up we wanna be Matt and Kate. They’re the milliners from the I-want-one-of-everything hat label, St Saviours, the shopkeepers of Kate + Abel, and the heart and soul behind the much-needed, pure genius, Fremantle-based Spacemarket project, Many6160. You know those days where you set out to get started on that amazing idea you had bright and early in the morning, decide to take a quick peek at your phone to check your email then realise at 9:30 in the evening that you’d accidentally spent all day playing Farmville (oh, that’s just me?) – well, I don’t believe Kate or Matt have ever been guilty of this. Words like procrastination, tomorrow, later and impossible don’t even seem to exist in their vocabularies, and oh how I wish to take more than just a leaf out of their book. They are an inspiring and tight duo, brim full of verve, life and ideas.

Whilst living in London, Kate and Matt first found their knack for millinery when they started customising their own hats with unique trims. After receiving streams of compliments and exclamations of “Where did you get that?”, they thought they could really make something of it and began selling their hats in markets around East London as well as music festivals under their label, St Saviours.

One hat. Two hats. And to their open-jawed surprise and delight soon their hats were flying out the door! They had really hit a chord amongst the fashion-savvy of London and found their own creative niche. And you know you really must be doing something right when you get approached by Topshop and see your wares being sold in their flagship Oxford Circus store. They also caught the eye of Anthropologie and luxury department store, Harvey Nichols. Lucky for us Perthians, these chic-as headtoppers are now available at Kate + Abel at Many6160 in Fremantle. You can’t say you’re not a hat-person until you’ve visited these guys. There is a vast array of colours to choose from – the lush felt hails from London and the palm frond panama hats all the way from Ecuador to ensure you get the very best and the most authentic result. Trims are fully customisable, from leather to feathers to pompoms, and can be deftly sewn on whilst you wait.

On a bigger picture, grander scale, Matt and Kate are the visionary coordinators of the Many6160 collective, the likes of which Perth has never seen. Many6160 is part of the Spacemarket organisation and movement which seeks to “pair disused spaces with useful people” with a focus on affordability and supporting upcoming local talent. Many6160 is the largest group of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere boasting 22000 square metres of ground space! On the ground floor they host storefronts to many creatives and designers (such as Peaches & Clean and Anya Brock) and conduct small workshops for the Skillsmithery by the beloved Studio Bomba. The other floors are the workspaces for a number of independent small companies like Maeker Studio, A Good Looking Man, and Dunk n Wagnell. This space is such an inviting blank canvas of possibilities that we’ve also seen a pop-up rooftop bar and a top secret concert organised by the one and only Jarrad Seng featuring the ethereal Kate Miller-Heidke.

Kate and Matt pour so much of their hearts, time and sheer muscles into making this project fly. They are so selfless in their promotion of others and have an incredible drive and desire to see the creative community of Perth come together and thrive. They bring their vision and overseas experiences to Perth to create something that is so uniquely Perth. We loved meeting these two so instantly likeable people. In what felt like only a few minutes, we whiled away almost a couple of hours in conversation, ranging from the joys and woes of social media to the dilemmas faced by us modern humans and even fit in a quick tour of the vast space.

Til next time guys!

Be sure to visit Many6160 to meet and support a great bunch of local creatives. The place is also available for venue hire with a variety of spaces suitable for small groups to raging mobs.

Kate + Abel / Many6160 / / Friday to Sunday 10am – 5pm

The Hidden Sound

thehiddensound-19thehiddensound-14thehiddensound-5thehiddensound-20thehiddensound-7thehiddensound-18thehiddensound-10thehiddensound-9thehiddensound-6thehiddensound-13thehiddensound-15thehiddensound-12thehiddensound-16 thehiddensound-21Oh what a night.

A ticket to an unknown destination, a bunch of clues, an abandoned warehouse.

A deer with a flower wreath around its neck.

And then Kate Miller Heidke.

The Hidden Sound / / Instagram @thehiddensound

An afternoon with Michelle Lau

bloggingworkshop-2 bloggingworkshop-13 bloggingworkshop-1bloggingworkshop-7 bloggingworkshop-8bloggingworkshop-6bloggingworkshop-1-4 bloggingworkshop-3 bloggingworkshop-4 bloggingworkshop-11Blogging is a truly rewarding creative experience that often draws on both imagery and text to draw in readers, and can reach and be read by people all over the world. It is unique in that it is an outlet for personal expression and blog topics can range from food to fashion to politics to religion to deeply personal stories, there are few limits. As you can tell, we really dig it.

Last Saturday, Perth-based blogging maven, Michelle Lau, ran a small-group workshop during which she shared her experience and expertise in The Art of Blogging. Michelle hails from much-loved lifestyle blog, A Minute Away From Snowing. She also has the coveted job of blogging for and is the social media curator for The King Street Precinct. In terms of mastery of the blogosphere and social media clout, I’m pretty sure Michelle’s your gal.

The workshop was held in the uber-hip uber-delicious Raw Kitchen in Fremantle and was organised by none other than the dynamic stylist, Stacey Clark, as part of The Creatives initiative which she is spearheading. The Creatives is a network for people in the creative industry in Perth and so far a number of wildly successful workshops such as hand lettering and leatherwork have been run in various roaming locations around the city. There is promise of seasonal dinners as well, and I personally can’t wait for these!

We had the honour and pleasure of attending as the day’s photographers and to take portraits of the workshop’s participants for use on their own blogs! Everyone was so willing and brought their own personalities to the shoot, it was such an enjoyable experience for the two of us. We’ve not had many chances to take portraits of people other than ourselves and having the chance to play with different lighting, different backdrops and different faces was a true pleasure.

To find out more about Michelle’s upcoming workshops and for other workshop inquiries by The Creatives go here or contact Stacey at

Common Ground opening night

common-ground-13common-ground-1-2 common-ground-5common-ground--2 common-ground-6common-ground-12 common-ground-8common-ground-2-2We were among the lucky ones who RSVPed quickly enough to Common Ground‘s opening night party. Previously located in the Many 6160 complex in Fremantle, Common Ground has now broken free of its confines and found itself a new home in the previous New Edition building on High St. And to celebrate they threw a party with 20% off all stock, live DJs AND a free lolly bag! What a bunch of legends. (I love Chico babies, who doesn’t?)

Common Ground is a collective of independent Western Australian streetwear brands and womenswear brands, as well as terrariums and art for your home. They even have a collection of highly sought after Mekel works, and we had the pleasure of bumping into the very talented Kelly (with her boo in pic number 5)! Common Ground showcase, support and springboard all the little brands in this fair city that are hoping to make it big. If you’re ever in Fremantle, I urge you to check out the store and see what the fuss is all about.

(Oh and what am I wearing? Darling, I thought you’d never ask…Gorman jumper, Saba leather skirt (similar), Christian Louboutin pumps, Freckle & Co earrings, Chanel handbag)

Kinfolk Gathering – L’Esprit De La Mer

kinfolk-l'esprit-de-la-mer-1 kinfolk-l'esprit-de-la-mer-2 kinfolk-l'esprit-de-la-mer-3 kinfolk-l'esprit-de-la-mer-4 kinfolk-l'esprit-de-la-mer-5Put plain and simply, Saturday night’s Kinfolk gathering was holistically perfect. Not a single piece was out of place, all expertly and lovingly orchestrated by the inimitably talented Stacey Clark. Hosted in Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle, the food and wine and conversation flowed freely and effortlessly. What an amazing night – a room full of inspiringly creative people, all so happy to be together, many for the first time. The joy and optimism was tangible.

This is a sign of great and wonderful things to come in Perth and wider Australia.


A massive high five to all who contributed. What an extraordinary bunch of people you are.

To Stacey. You encourage us with your talent and tenacity and make us all want to push our creative boundaries.

Stacey Clark Stylist

Laura Moseley


Kidogo Arthouse

Kent Street Deli

Custard & Co

Still Love

Poach Pear

Micrology Coffee Roasters

Oriss Films

Bread In Common

Eucalypt Homewares

Fox and Rabbit

Chicho Gelato


Type Hype

Eagle Bay Brewing Co and Vineyard

Bahen & Co

The Articulate

Ootong and Lincoln

ootong-1-2ootong-1 ootong2 ootong-2 ootong-4 ootong-7 ootong-5 ootong-8 ootong3Having a friend visiting from overseas forces you to pull out all the stops and show them the really best places in Perth. Ootong and Lincoln fits the bill in my opinion. Quite simply, my favourite cafe in Fremantle. Located slightly off the main cafe strip, it is nonetheless always bustling at any time of day, serving amazing food, great drinks, and even carbonated tap water (if you know which button to press!). Absolutely everything is made on site from the freshest of local organic ingredients with the yummiest of results.

Ootong and Lincoln / 258 South Tce, South Fremantle / 7 days a week, 6:30am to 5pm

MYRE {not a typo!}

myre-1Wandering into the recently opened MYRE building, I was instantly hit by a wave of nostalgia. Rummaging through sales troughs for bedsheets and saying “I’m bored!” about 20 times a minute. My Mum would wander blissfully through the rows upon rows of Royal Doulton china and miniature figurines made in the likenesses of young girls in flowing gowns and flower crowns, usually stroking the heads of ducks or small puppies. We’ve all been there.

MYRE is a fresh new concept store based in the recently closed Fremantle MYER store. The old lino and carpets are the same but the new inhabitants have completely transformed and revitalised this space. Housed within are exclusively locally grown talents offering a wide variety of wares, from clothing to chocolates to furniture.

As you enter, you are greeted by  gorgeous blooms and bouquets of florist, Matthew Landers. A gentle left takes you to artisan chocolatier and all-round lovely lady Sue Lewis (read more about her here). This is a perfect moment to pick up a freshly brewed cold-pour coffee served over ice. Choose from coffee beans ethically sourced from Ethiopia or Columbia (my favourite was the Ethiopian blend, sweet and mild, whilst Jinn favoured the much stronger-bodied Columbian blend). You must of course buy some of the exquisitely handmade chocolates, made from the finest and freshest organic ingredients, with some often unexpected flavour combinations, such as strawberry with jasmine, Manjimup truffle, or even Vegemite! Buy some for now and some for later.

Meander around the store and take in the likes of Jarrad Seng’s photography that capture Iceland’s beautiful volcanic rivers from above. You can also find yourself some mighty fine threads, new or vintage, from places like Common Ground, Kate and Abel (who also run the in-house cafe), and Amicus Collective.

I can’t wait for the whole complex to be reopened. There’s promise of a floor dedicated to production and even a rooftop bar! Stay posted…But in the meanwhile come show some local-small-business love at this awesome new space!

The MYRE Project / Kings Square, Fremantle / Wed – Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun 10am to 4pm

myre-2 myre-3 myre-4 myre-5 myre-6 myre-7 myre-8 myre-9 myre-10 myre-11 myre-12 myre-13

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