jaggar-10 jaggar-9 jaggar-8 jaggar-7 jaggar-6 jaggar-5 jaggar-4 jaggar-1Wearing – Jaggar top, Neuw jeans (in black), Zoe Kratzmann boots, Lee Coren clutch, earrings from Common Ground

Denim and leather.

A monochromatic day to fit a monochromatic mood.

The feel of soft suede in my hands.

Stained lips and cheeks.

Common Ground opening night

common-ground-13common-ground-1-2 common-ground-5common-ground--2 common-ground-6common-ground-12 common-ground-8common-ground-2-2We were among the lucky ones who RSVPed quickly enough to Common Ground‘s opening night party. Previously located in the Many 6160 complex in Fremantle, Common Ground has now broken free of its confines and found itself a new home in the previous New Edition building on High St. And to celebrate they threw a party with 20% off all stock, live DJs AND a free lolly bag! What a bunch of legends. (I love Chico babies, who doesn’t?)

Common Ground is a collective of independent Western Australian streetwear brands and womenswear brands, as well as terrariums and art for your home. They even have a collection of highly sought after Mekel works, and we had the pleasure of bumping into the very talented Kelly (with her boo in pic number 5)! Common Ground showcase, support and springboard all the little brands in this fair city that are hoping to make it big. If you’re ever in Fremantle, I urge you to check out the store and see what the fuss is all about.

(Oh and what am I wearing? Darling, I thought you’d never ask…Gorman jumper, Saba leather skirt (similar), Christian Louboutin pumps, Freckle & Co earrings, Chanel handbag)

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