bhalo-1 bhalo-2 bhalo-3 bhalo-4Goodness gracious me, how sweet are these pieces from Bhalo’s latest collection! The easy breezy cuts and colours that make me feel like eating gelato in a forest on a sunny day (I’ll make it happen someday) are just what the doctor ordered for the summer which, if you live in Perth, seems to be almost here but then swept away by yet another windy showery weekend. Oh Mr Weatherman, you are such a tease. Nevertheless, we know any moment now our searing summer will be upon us and I think I’ll be wanting to spend some of those days in one (or more!) of these dresses.

Beyond their good looking wares, Bhalo is an independent fashion label based right here in Perth and champions the cause for fair trade practices. Their limited edition garments are produced ethically in rural Bangladesh using natural hand woven textiles. What began as a charity has successfully resulted in a self-sustaining business that provides jobs within this small village, and has also brought with it opportunities to assist the people with issues such as literacy, health awareness, and economics.

We can all make a difference and make this world a more unified and just place to live in. Bhalo is an incredible example of how one’s interests and passions can collide and meld to create something that beautifully bridges the divide between the developed and developing worlds.

Bhalo is exclusively stocked in Perth at Fi and Co and Bibi.

Can’t be stuffed getting out of your PJs? That’s ok, their pretty webstore is here.

Read more about their inspirational story here.

2 Comments on “Bhalo

  1. Love the prints and colours! I’m looking at the website now and I’m in love! I feel a purchase coming on… x
    P.s thanks for the lipstick update.

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