perth-instameet-1 perth-instameet-9 perth-instameet-10perth-instameet-2perth-instameet-4 perth-instameet-5perth-instameet-16perth-instameet-19perth-instameet-12perth-instameet-6 perth-instameet-7perth-instameet-17 perth-instameet-8perth-instameet-13perth-instameet-14 perth-instameet-18 perth-instameet-15The crazy (in a good way), ever-buzzing, unstoppable mind of Stacey Clark never fails to amaze and astound me. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s comin’ to get you, big ol’ world. Pairing up with the equally exceptional Bec Tougas, a fellow stylist, these two concocted and masterminded Perth’s first ever official Instameet. If you’ve currently got your finger anywhere near Perth’s creative pulse, you’d feel how strong the beat and the community is becoming.

Bloggers, photographers, floral artists, graphic designers, illustrators, stylists, coffee roasters, letterpressers, jewellery makers, and generally awesome people flocked to the stylish surrounds of Empire in Highgate (did I ever mention that half our house is furnished by Empire!?). I felt like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka’s factory! We got to meet so many people in person and put faces and real names to Instagram handles. Between the happy hubbub and chatter, our appetites and attention-deficit disorder traits were catered to with an array of mountainous cupcakes by Laura Isabella and affogatos  that were a mind-blowing collaboration between Chicho Gelato and Micrology Coffee Roasters. Drinks flowed from the back of Bar Pop’s signature orange pickup truck and from Pure Glow Cleanse’s juice bar for those health nuts amongst us. If you tired from all the talk, there was a fab photo booth replete with golden glitter by Hello Love Designs and a flower station where you could choose your blooms and have them speedily and expertly arranged into a sweet little posy by Debra Hayes.


And I haven’t even finished name-dropping yet.

No gathering is complete without some mighty fine examples of hand lettering by The Articulate (who also managed to snap up an exquisite marble chopping board right from under my nose – I won’t forget this, Tash!). To capture all the amazingness and catch you mid-cupcake-mouthful was Christine Lim and her partner, Ethan Ho. As if we didn’t already feel spoilt rotten, guests were also given a gift card from Origrami, those cool folk who make it their business to print out your favourite Instagram photos for you.

This mingling of Perth talents and minds was tangibly surging with positivity, possibility, and collaboration. It makes my little chest puff up with pride and joy to observe this all happening right here, right now, and we feel honoured and humbled to be in the company of such people with limitless ideas, boundless energy and talent, and a willingness to share it with others.

In the words of @shelancreatives, #perthisthenewblack.

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