Alphabet Family Journal

Alphabet Family Journal is an upcoming print magazine that celebrates families, big and small, diverse and messy – all the different types of people that come together to make a home. Due to hit the printing presses in June 2014, Alphabet is brainchild of Sydney-based food and lifestyle photographer Luisa Brimble. Issue A is a collaborative effort of 25 photographers from 3 continents, in addition to 22 writers and 3 artists, all sharing stories and images of their own family lives.

Alphabet was initially funded via Kickstarter and reached its target after only a few weeks, however if you check out their page now, you will find there are still a number of very tempting offers left.

I’m super excited to see how Alphabet Family Journal looks in person – it’s about time we saw an Australian publication like this!

The Collective Quarterly

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I’m a sucker for magazines.

The Collective Quarterly is something original and covers new ground compared to the current crop of creative-focussed magazines (such as Kinfolk and Cereal, which are also awesome by the way). Run by a tight knit group of creatives, and centred around travel, exploration and lifestyle, this new publication showcases amazing locations and and the people who live there.

What I really like about this magazine and sets it apart from the others is the way in which it focusses on a single location with each issue, and documents the creative possibilities within. For Issue 0, the team travelled to Marfa, Texas and not only showcased the creators and makers within the town but also how others can be inspired in their own creative process by collaborating in such a place. The result is an insight into the creative process, and how exploration and travel can spark new creativity.

The other interesting thing about this publication is that it is very much of the here and now. The members of the creative team all met over social media, and heavily use Instagram to showcase their collective and individual work. The publication itself also features an augmented reality app that can be used to identify items within the magazine that you may wish to purchase.

I love this magazine, and am happy that I’ve been able to get on board from the beginning, starting with Issue 0. I have a feeling this magazine is going to grow into something great.


Fashionable Selby

Photographer Todd Selby has just released his third book, Fashionable Selby. For those who are unfamiliar with the website, the Selby takes readers into the homes of interesting people from around the world, showing not only amazing environments, but also the things that inspire these creative people. With regard to the inspiration for this latest venture, Selby explains, “When I was thinking about my next book, I realised the fashion world naturally attracts the type of colourful people that interest me, so I decided to pursue that.”

The result is (as usual) a visual smorgasbord.

Fashionable Selby is available now.

Photographer – Parker H. Fitzgerald

Parker H. Fitzgerald is one of my favourite photographers. In an era where DSLRs, iPhones, filters and apps are commonplace, Parker uses natural talent and a film camera to achieve his amazing images. I love his eye for composition and his use of natural light. It’s so refreshing and a little scary to think that he manages to do all this without reviewing the image on the back of his camera!

Parker has shot for Kinfolk (many of the covers, including the Kinfolk Table) and recently was working on the Overgrowth project.

(And yes he did manage to meet and shoot the famous Jiro!)


This girl – Dana Tanamachi

Andaz1 Dana Tanamachi’s work just makes me swoon. I frequently dabble in freehand lettering (I was most prolific during my school and uni days as it whiled away boring classes and lectures like nothing else) but I cannot compare to this jaw-droppingly talented girl!

Dana is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer and the creative force behind design & lettering boutique, Tanamachi Studio. She has an amazing resume of clients, including such big names as Google, Yahoo!, Rugby Ralph Lauren, The Ace Hotel, Tommy Hilfiger, West Elm, and Bloomingdale’s as well as creating custom covers for O and Time magazines.
dana_AKQA_03 uploaded-file-80452 Tanamachi Tommy Harajuku 2 dt wsj Ace Greenfield blog

Kinfolk Volume 7

The latest edition of Kinfolk Magazine recently arrived on my doorstep. Kinfolk is one of my favourite reads – a stunning combination of beautiful design, gorgeous images and well written articles. It is created by a group of like-minded creatives with the idea to foster small gatherings and encourage people to reconnect with each other in real life (as opposed to online). We have every edition except the first (sadly sold out!) and recently subscribed for a year. I really love the photos and the style of this issue – dedicated to ice cream of all things!
kinfolk-box2 v7_cover 84250034_v1 pageimage-500367-4025298-img_1941 84280003_v1 _dsc4519 wearetherhoads_11 _mg_2749 _mg_0095 _mg_1812 84280015_v1

A little mid-week inspiration

011113_ryanjane_bouquet_bul3 011112_ryanjane_bouquet_bul1 011113_ryanjane_bouquet_bul2Well actually for me it’s the end of my week (I’ve been working the last six days) and hence maybe why I’ve been feeling the need for a little pick-me-up lately. I’m a sucker for heart-wrenchingly beautiful flowers, particularly the kinds of arrangements that still have a “wild” feel to them. Somehow I feel that they just have more life and an undeniable character about them that needs no audible voice to express it – soft and beautiful, yet feisty with a sharp-witted reply always ready on the tip of its tongue. (Yes, I get all that from flowers, I do.) These beauties are the perfect example and combined with the citrus-y, sunny colours I just couldn’t help but feel inspired and that wee bit cheerier. If I got married all over again (but I hope and pray not so!) I imagine my bouquet would look a little something like this. And maybe paired with my new dream wedding dress – with long sleeves made of the most exquisite lace, a little like this one. Funny how our tastes change over the years – my actual wedding dress was totally different! But one thing will never change – I’ll always love lace.

***Photos courtesy of Terrain.

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