Kinfolk Volume 7

The latest edition of Kinfolk Magazine recently arrived on my doorstep. Kinfolk is one of my favourite reads – a stunning combination of beautiful design, gorgeous images and well written articles. It is created by a group of like-minded creatives with the idea to foster small gatherings and encourage people to reconnect with each other in real life (as opposed to online). We have every edition except the first (sadly sold out!) and recently subscribed for a year. I really love the photos and the style of this issue – dedicated to ice cream of all things!
kinfolk-box2 v7_cover 84250034_v1 pageimage-500367-4025298-img_1941 84280003_v1 _dsc4519 wearetherhoads_11 _mg_2749 _mg_0095 _mg_1812 84280015_v1

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