keep-cup-vanishing-elephant-8Wearing – Vanishing Elephant top (similar), Neuw jeans, Donelli shoes (unattainable or affordable), Zara bag, Naomi Murrell resin and rose gold ring, Lazy Oafs cat ring (similar)

Say hi to my new friend who keeps me warm, happy and caffeinated on my way to work everyday. There are many children and colleagues out there who should thank this handsome guy for keeping cranky-pants-morning-Sarah at bay. You really don’t wanna see that.

KeepCup has recently introduced their latest series, Brew, featuring glass coffee cups coupled with their signature customisable coloured bands and lids. So you can’t fling this one around as much as their plastic cousins but they feel and look so good. Throw in the limited edition cork band and I’m in hipster heaven. But at the end of the day, the message is the same and still rings true. Sustainability underpinned by practicality and an awesome aesthetic.

Get your own here. Fancy the limited edition cork band? Snap it up here.

Find out more about the KeepCup ethos here.



5 Comments on “Brew

  1. Ooh love the look of this cup. I always have the dilemma of what to do with it when you’re done, though… do you just leave it in your car? Or take it in to work? It’s things like these that make me still buy paper cups! So dumb. Would love to hear your solution 🙂
    Steph x

    • Hey Steph!

      I used to leave my previous cup in the car but that wasn’t so great as the sun and heat seems to damage the plastic, particularly the mouthpiece where there’s been some extra reaction that occurred with what appears to be my lip balm!

      Nowadays I take mine down to work with me, I’m often still sipping it en route 🙂 Then I try find a moment to give it a quick rinse then stash it somewhere safe for the day or use it again later to make another cuppa!

      Saves the planet and keeps you caffeinated, hydrated (something us docs don’t do very well) and happy all day long!

      Sarah xx

      • You make it sound so simple 😉

        The amount of cups we use in a day is actually atrocious, whether it be for water whilst running through the tea room, or for take away coffee. This can be my green project for the moment! Thanks for the prod xx

  2. That is one very fancy looking takeaway coffee cup! My husband kindly replaced the old one I’d had for years after I accidentally dropped it and it smashed… I cannot lie, I cried (I know. This may have been because there was a coffee in it at the time, and I was in desperate need of one. Ok I know, that’s still pathetic). Also… I love your house! (And outfit).

    • I loooove Keep Cup’s new glass Brew range! For me there’s something tactilely satisfying about the glass, but there is that downside of toppling over and smashing it…don’t worry, your response was totally normal and appropriate, I probably would have shed tears over the loss of a coffee cup and its precious contents as well!

      Sarah xx

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