Home Inspiration – Waverley St

Our quest for home inspiration has taken us to the amazing home of Sam Klopper from Klopper and Davis Architects. This beautiful inner city gem is the perfectly formed marriage of original 1920’s worker’s cottage and modern vintage extension. I’m a big fan of the neutral palette with those splashes of colour, and those mid-century touches. This is a family-centric home and makes great use of space and natural materials – exactly what we want our future home to have.

4 Comments on “Home Inspiration – Waverley St

  1. Hello to the wonderful Jinn and Sarah! I am loving reading your blog posts – too beautiful! I am going to be really cheeky and ask if there is any chance that you would be able to send me a high res copy of the photo you took at Kinfolk of me? I have a magazine chasing a profile pic and I thought that this would fit the bill pretty well. Obviously, The Silver Lining Blog would be credited for the image. My email address is tracylefroy@cranmore.com.au

    • Hey Tracy!

      It’s a lovely photo, love the joy and excitement written all over your gorgeous face! Will email you a copy shortly 🙂

      Sarah xx

      • Thanks so much Sarah, that would be terrific of you. Also (one more thing!), I might have shown your blog to an editor at a national magazine who is keen to shoot this house for their magazine. Do you think that Sam Klopper would be interested? I can give you further details over email. Let me know what you think
        Happy Friday xx

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