I dream of cactus


Wearing – Gorman dress, vintage coat (similar), Muji tights, Madewell boots (similar), Freckle & Co earrings, Naomi Murrell resin & rose gold ring, Alister Yiap ring, vintage handbag

A groovy cactus print.

A pick-me-up coffee at a new found hotspot.

A toasty vintage coat picked up for a bargain that comes with authentic old lady smell. (Need to sort that one out)

Red lipstick.

These are a few of my favourite things.


5 Comments on “I dream of cactus

  1. Oh cool,I love corduroy and have been eyeing this dress up online for some time. We don’t have a store here though, so I have no idea of ‘fit’ … is the sizing big? I’ve found that there clothes tend to be one size bigger than a standard fit. It looks great on you btw! ; )

    • Hey Sonia!

      Thanks for the kind comments!

      I’m usually a size 8 and I know what you mean I sometimes have to size down in Gorman and get the size 6. This dress, however, sits really nicely on me in a size 8 so I think you will be fairly safe getting your normal size in this one. The only issue you may find is if you have a more straight-up-and-down physique and you want the dress to have a more fitted look, then you may have to size down. What I mean is that a size 6 probably would have fit my waist but not my bust…

      Did that make sense or was that just super confusing? 🙂

      Sarah xx

      • Hey Sarah, that’s really helpful! I’m a bit brick-shaped without much definition in my waist, so I’ve been really hesitant… the dress really suits you though (in fact I prefer it on you than the model). Have a lovely weekend! Sonia 🙂

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