Light Up Leederville!


Over the weekend Sarah and I turned on our community spirit and went to the Light Up Leederville Carnival. We visited last year and this year we went with great expectations. Happily, they were met!

This year around 45,000 people flocked to join in the festivities, almost double last year’s attendance. Despite the swell in numbers there was only a slight increase in the crowdedness, a great testament to the fantastic genius of the organising committee. There were activities for all, from children’s rides and activities to handicraft and vintage stores, as well as a pop-up Little Creatures bar. To add to the mix, our usual favourite Leederville shops were open too!

The highlight as always was the big red party bus – the heart of the carnival, a hub of awesome pumpin’ music and live performances. The night was crowned by the lighting of the Christmas lights on Oxford St and lots of confetti and dancing in the street!

Well done to Leederville Connect for organising such a great event. You guys rock!

text and photos by Jinn

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