Light Up Leederville!


Over the weekend Sarah and I turned on our community spirit and went to the Light Up Leederville Carnival. We visited last year and this year we went with great expectations. Happily, they were met!

This year around 45,000 people flocked to join in the festivities, almost double last year’s attendance. Despite the swell in numbers there was only a slight increase in the crowdedness, a great testament to the fantastic genius of the organising committee. There were activities for all, from children’s rides and activities to handicraft and vintage stores, as well as a pop-up Little Creatures bar. To add to the mix, our usual favourite Leederville shops were open too!

The highlight as always was the big red party bus – the heart of the carnival, a hub of awesome pumpin’ music and live performances. The night was crowned by the lighting of the Christmas lights on Oxford St and lots of confetti and dancing in the street!

Well done to Leederville Connect for organising such a great event. You guys rock!

text and photos by Jinn

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Christmas carols + camels!

nanson-st-jinn-camelEvery year the little church in our neighbourhood organises the most awesome street party for us all to enjoy! The promise of real camel rides draws many people, young and old, as well as the good ol’ sausage sizzle and Christmas carol sing-a-long. Our little section of street was completely closed off to traffic and the kids let loose upon the bouncy castles, face painting and very well behaved camels that good-naturedly carted bunches of clamouring children (myself included!) up and down. The experience is not quite like horse-riding – for one, they’re really really tall, and secondly their walking motion is a somewhat disconcerting swaying action! Not quite life-flashing-before-my-eyes material however, especially since one particular camel kept frequently stopping to sample the local foliage.

As the sun was going down, the appreciative and happy crowd gathered to listen and sing along to carols as the church band played. The day’s festivities ended with a resounding rendition of “Feliz Navidad” (I don’t know why but I love that song!) and my family and I settled down to a deliciously Mum-cooked meal of a Burmese chicken noodle dish called moke thee accompanied by my staple carrot salad. (Don’t worry, I got the recipe! And I promise to share it with you all soon!)

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Or any grand plans this year?

P.S. How cute is Nathanael? He’s my nephew and he turns five today! Happy birthday Nattynoonah!nanson-st-sa-benji nanson-jinn-nat nanson-jinn-nat-camel nansonst-camelnansonst-3 nanson-st-kids nanson-st-crowd2 nanson-crowdnansonst-schnooks-kids nansonst-1nansonst-2nanson-st-foodnanson-st-food3nanson-st-nat

Night markets at Illuminites!

illuminites-11Tis the season for street festivals it seems! We decided to ditch the usual fine dining dinner for our anniversary (plus we’d already blown a fair bit of money on some Michelin stars in NYC so we’ve been good to our wallets and gallbladders lately) to check out Illuminites Night Market at the Perth Cultural Centre. There were over 50 stalls – only three of them appeared to be food so I did impatiently have to wait about 45 minutes for some takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls – taste better than they sound). But I was finally let loose amongst the stalls, blood sugar and happy mood restored, and they did not disappoint. I have to say my favourites were The Bunny Shoppe and The White Square. There are a couple of pictures of my swag below – can’t wait to bust them out! Go here to find out more details about Illuminites and the stalls!illuminites-6 illuminites-1 illuminites-2 illuminites-3 illuminites-8illuminites-9illuminites-10illuminites-7illuminites-5illuminites-13illuminites-12illuminites-14 illuminites-loot-2

The swag – 1. neon yellow spike necklace from The Bunny, 2. wee black dinosaur brooch from The White Square, 3. cat ears ring also from The Bunny

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