My birthday suit!

mood board beeday march13Haha! Got you looking didn’t I?

Well, this year is the big year. It’s the year I hit the big you-know-what (has a three in it, rhymes with Bertie, come on work with me people)…It’s the year I turn thirty! Yeah, I’m just gonna say it. Because I refuse to join that pessimistic, doom and gloom, it’s-all-downhill-from-here club! What rubbish!

To tell you the truth, I’m feeling better than ever and I still feel like I’m “on the way up” so to speak. I think what’s changed for me in a big way over the last few years is that I’ve stopped trying to be what others want me to be and also learnt to accept myself for who I am – my strengths, my weaknesses, my wonky right ear. Looking back, I realise that I’d been a personality-contortionist, trying to fit myself into wrong and uncomfortable shapes in the hopes of pleasing people. I was also painfully shy, too terrified to say anything in case someone disagreed or worse, laughed at me. But turns out my personality is just as inflexible as my hamstrings of steel (it takes me a whole hour of warm ups to touch my toes, don’t laugh!) but it’s taken me some time to find it and then gain the confidence to just put it out there and say who-gives-a-flying-duck what anyone says.

There. Catharsis over. Now you know I have a wonky ear and am that person in the back row at Pilates who can’t do a proper roll-down.

Now what I actually started off trying to tell you guys, is this is my dream outfit for my upcoming birthday festivity! I would usually go something more light and pretty, or quirky and boyish, but this time I’m fantasising of an outfit that conjures up the word soiree, a bit glam, a bit sexy, and dare I say, a bit more mature. But not mature in a needing-a-hip-replacement way but in a more self-assured, strong alpha female way. You know, the type that’s not afraid to turn a few heads and cause a bit of a stir.

Tell me what you think about this outfit! Or what would you wear to your big birthday bash?

1. Kimberly McDonald earrings, 2. Rachel Gilbert dress, 3. MAC lipstick in Creme d’Nude, 4. Kotur clutch, 5. Charlotte Olympia heels, 6. Sue Lewis chocolates (gifts for party guests!)

There’s no aphrodisiac…like chocolate!

sue-lewis-18Still searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Or simply looking for something fun and different to do where you can even learn to do the impossible (i.e. temper your own chocolate!)? Look no further than an evening spent with Sue Lewis, a true artisan chocolatier who makes all of her delectable and sweet morsels from the finest and freshest of ingredients, and is so so passionate and knowledgeable about her trade. Read more about her and what inspires her here. Every Thursday night at her store at 44 Derby Rd Subiaco, Sue holds classes on chocolate tasting and tempering – and if that doesn’t turn you on, you must be a two hundred and ten years old! Or a zombie. Or a cucumber. Ok, basically anything that’s not alive!

Sue let me try my hand at tempering some chocolate when I last visited her. There is something truly therapeutic about pouring out all that delicious, molten chocolate out onto a marble slab and then swirling it around – almost hypnotic! So nice…

Not only will you get the chance to play with your food (something I still get in trouble for!) but chocolate tastings and a glass of bubbly await you as you arrive. Treat yourself and your loved one/bestie/Mumsy to an evening of taste bud titillation. Call or email Sue for more details and to make bookings. Or even better, visit the store in person and leave with the best chocolates/ice cream/sorbet/brownies/all the above you would have tasted this side of the equator, or dare I say, ever!

Sue Lewis Artisan Chocolatier / 44 Derby Rd Subiaco

0452 423 323 / / Facebook / Website

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