We stumbled across a collection of these cute-as-pie ceramics during a visit to Mr Sparrow. Every single piece as adorable as the next, it’s an absolute miracle that I left the shop with just the polka dot wombat planter in my happy possession. Next in line? To continue along a theme, it’ll probably be the bigger version with the paint-splattered ears. Yes you. I’m comin’ for you.

Chela Edmunds is the talented person behind Takeawei who manages to inject so much personality into these ceramic works. Currently based in a studio in North Melbourne, you can find her online store here.

For us Perthians, Takeawei is exclusively stocked at Mr Sparrow in Subiaco. Get them before I do.


A gorgeous {giveaway} with Mr Sparrow! – now closed

Fancy yourself casually strolling around on market day with this sweet tote under your arm? You could have the chance to win this sweet giveaway from Mr Sparrow!

Jelena from Mr Sparrow never fails to stock her beautiful shop with the most unique and crave-worthy items. That little something to jooj up your outfit or prettify your tabletop.

To enter, simply like The Silver Lining and Mr Sparrow Facebook pages and leave a comment below. If you’re an existing liker, high fives to you! Yes, you will still be included in the draw! Entries must be posted by Friday 21st March at 8:00am AWST and a winner will be chosen at random*.

*Sorry folks, entries limited to Australian dwellers only. 

Meet Jelena – Mr Sparrow


A few weeks ago we went and paid a visit to Jelena, the owner and keen-eyed curator of Mr Sparrow. Mr Sparrow is conveniently located in Subiaco and is one of my absolute go-to stores for many, many reasons. It simply, practically and beautifully always has the answer to my present-buying woes! Overflowing with irresistible gift ideas for the home and garden, I never leave this place empty-handed. *danger danger!* It was so great to meet Jelena after a long and unrequited Instagram love affair…

Hello hello! Yes, I’m completely obsessed by your shop and stalk you on almost every form of social media known to mankind. *awkward smile* What’s the story behind Mr Sparrow?

I’ve always wanted to own a shop of my own, filled with beautiful things that I love. I was looking for a way to do something creatively inclined whilst doing my GP training in 2012, when the opportunity to own Mr Sparrow came up! The previous owner of Mr Sparrow was looking to move over east, and I leapt at the chance to do something different, and fulfil my dreams of wanting to own my own shop! Plus it was a bonus that I already owned half of the pieces in the shop myself, being a long time supporter of Mr Sparrow when it was under Anna’s ownership. It was really daunting at first and many thoughts of uncertainty went through my mind like, “We’re new, will people like us?”, “Will anyone come to our shop?”. But I bit the bullet at the end of 2012 and have had a lot of fun growing this store since!

We renovated the store in October 2013 which breathed new life into this little place. It’s been a blast!

Where do you source your collection of goods from?

I source things from all over the world – places include Japan, Finland, the United States and, of course, Australia! I keep my eye out for unique pieces that no one else in Perth stocks, and am particularly excited by the chance to collaborate with creatives to come up with exclusive Mr-Sparrow-only products! For example, my Bridget Bodenham x Mr Sparrow ceramic planters – I just love them!

And what inspires you?

I’m generally inspired by my travels, near and far, always looking out for beautiful products along the way. I’m also a big fan of Instagram! One of the biggest challenges in owning a store is continually finding fresh, new things and in the right balance.

So you own a shop AND you’re training in General Practice. How do you balance both sides of your work life? I’m envious!

It isn’t always easy balancing the medical side with the business/creative one, however I’m loving the balance of these two at the moment. I’m currently taking a break from General Practice training to focus on the business – and to be honest, I’m loving the day to day of running the business. I’m also keeping myself busy studying a Masters of Public Health, and doing some other work as well. (Sarah almost falls over at this point – she barely remembers to brush her teeth before rushing out the door to work each day!). But Mr Sparrow most definitely still has a firm and very special place in my life! Life as a doctor very easily becomes all-encompassing so it’s super important to me to maintain a balance.


We talked on for more than an hour, mostly about life and how to do it best. It was a fantastic chance for myself and Jinn to meet a fellow medic who had successfully burst out of the “doctor stereotype”, and fulfilled and expressed her other more creative side, something I personally find very difficult to do at times. Jelena is a great encouragement and role model to us both, with her big heart, clear vision, lateral thinking and, of course, superb taste.

Make sure you pop by to see Jelena or visit her online store! Be sure to check out my favourites – Bridget Bodenham ceramics, Emily Green necklaces, Kip & Co bedding, and jewellery by the WA Fashion award winner, Alister Yiap.

Mr Sparrow / Shop 3, 223 Bagot Rd, Subiaco / Online store / Facebook / info@mrsparrow.com.au

The best things

teacups-1I instantly fell head over heels in love with these handmade teacups from Mr Sparrow – the feel of the rough clay against the palms of your hands, the cheerful irregularity in size and shape of the cups compared to each other, the cheeky glint of gold on the gorgeously rudimentary handles. Essentially, I was completely enamoured by how individually cast by hand they all were and so clearly made with care and love – you definitely feel it when you handle them.

I couldn’t wait to show them to my Mum, the lover of all homewares (she used to drag me around for hours through rows upon rows of Royal Doulton and Mikasa plates) who promptly laughed and almost scoffed when she saw them! She couldn’t believe I’d paid for something that looked so obviously handmade and rough.

Which brings me to my point.  Nowadays technology and mass production is ubiquitous, and made objects are not. But in the fifties and sixties, machine-made regularity and sleekness that could rapidly produce multiple copies was marvelled at and lauded above old and “archaic” methods. But in today’s society where we are inundated with “perfect” and identical mass-produced objects, where knowledge and skills in old handicrafts are fading and becoming scarce, I find that I deliberately seek out the imperfect and irregular, objects that clearly bear the marks and character of their maker.

Bridget Bodenham ceramic cups available from Mr Sparrow / Shop 3, 223 Bagot Rd Subiaco

teacups-2teacups-6 teacups-4teacups-3teacups-5


dripping-runaway-sweater-3Wearing – Karen Walker top, American Apparel skirt, Kate Spade heels (these are cute), Mno.logie clutch, Angle Dot Diamond earrings, Alister Yiap hexagon ring

I’m not really one to wear miniskirts but I completely fell for this gorgeous twirly number by American Apparel, so much so that I also got it in black! Poufy enough to look playful rather than skanky, a look I generally avoid. And the lilac colour goes surprisingly well against all those bright neon colours that are sweeping through stores this summer! Now this Karen Walker top arrived (oh how I love KW, have you noticed yet? She’s like my girlfriend)  and I instantly realised I was waaaaay too short for it (story of my life). Well, a quick roll up of the sleeves and nipping in of the waist – et voila!

How are you guys stylishly surviving the searing Perth heat? 


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