Heston revisited

heston-v2-2We went back for the full experience at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (click here for our first encounter) and we once again left in a very satisfied, almost hallucinogenic food dream. The menu at this fine restaurant is filled with dishes inspired by British history and feature interesting ingredients such as frogs’ legs (Jinn had these!) veal sweetbreads (hmm…), and who can resist lardo? Sounds so healthy…

Highlights of the night? My roast marrowbone (above) with snails and the nitro ice cream, where your waitperson adds liquid nitrogen to a delicious concoction of custard and vanilla bean to create your dessert right in front of you! I chose the apple pop rocks and dehydrated strawberry as my toppings. The crackle-in-your-mouth sensation of the pop rocks brought back some fond childhood memories!

For a meal that isn’t quite as crazily priced as The Fat Duck but still brings you the dishes that foodmeister Blumenthal is so renowned for, this is the place to go! Friendly and attentive waitstaff, and an atmosphere that remains upmarket yet refreshingly relaxed (not like those places where you daren’t laugh too loud and you can practically hear yourself chew!) add to the overall marvellous experience(s) we had here at Dinner.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal / Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, London / Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinnerheston-v2-1 heston-v2-3 heston-v2-4 heston-v2-5 heston-v2-6 heston-v2-7 heston-v2-8 heston-v2-9

Lights out at Heston

heston-episode-one-7Our highly anticipated visit to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Knightsbridge, London, was not quite the experience we expected! We were excitedly catching the tube towards the restaurant when it was announced over the loudspeaker that we could not alight at Knightsbridge due to an unexpected power outage. We turned to each other, aghast that we might be terribly late for our lunch booking and be turned away, left with stomachs that had not yet been united with the much-anticipated much-lauded meat fruit, for which Heston is so famous for.

We were not yet completely defeated so we decided we would get off the train at Hyde Park then hotfoot it to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (where the restaurant is located) and try not to look too dishevelled when we got to the five-star venue. The train doors opened and off we sped, like we’d just heard the starting gun of some Olympic race (more like heard the sound of my meat fruit and nitro ice cream singing our names) and arrived at the restaurant, of course looking like I’d just stepped out of a very expensive car after some last minute smoothing down of stray strands of hair. I tried my best to channel a “healthy cherubic glow” rather than a “just ran a mile odour”.

A bevy of very polite, very proper staff greeted us at the doorway and informed us very apologetically that the whole of Knightsbridge (which included the restaurant, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols) were completely without electricity, but we were more than welcome to come in for a drink. As we were seated, the slow feeling of realisation then devastation was creeping over me – don’t tell me I’ve travelled all this way by plane, then tube, then fast trot in high heel boots (a tad ouchie) to go home without my MEAT FRUIT! (Obsessed? Me? Noooo…)heston-episode-one-2 heston-episode-one-1 heston-episode-one-3I was about to lose my mind and tear the beautifully typeset menu into a million pieces when the maitre d’ appeared at the side of our table and once again apologised over and over, tried (quite successfully) to cheer us up and gain our trust by noting that we were all fellow Aussies (he was from Canberra), and revealed to us that although the kitchen could not cook anything today a selection of cold starters and desserts were going to be served…and that everything was ON THE HOUSE. Everything. How about my meat fruit? I piped up. That can be arranged, he says. (Inner Hulk, be still.)

What was to follow was just pure decadence, we ended up being served three starters and four desserts. The meat fruit certainly lived up to my expectations. It arrived, this gorgeous and perfectly formed mandarin perched on its wooden board that revealed a silken, creamily smooth foie gras centre when cut. The combination of the citrus-flavoured jelly that constituted the “skin” of the mandarin with the buttery foie gras heart was just perfect.heston-episode-one-4heston-episode-one-6 heston-episode-one-8We then chose to have the charmingly named Taffety Tart and Bohemian Cake, both headily sweet concoctions that left us in a happy stupor, only then to be plied with two more bonus desserts, the winner of which was most definitely the Tipsy Cake. This was brought to our table in a flourish and proud announcement that a sole working oven had been discovered within the hotel and they had managed to prepare a few Tipsy Cakes, one of which was being bestowed upon us. I was really disappointed to be so full by this point because I only managed to eat a tiny portion of the devilishly divine brioche steeped in a delicious sauce infused with brandy and vanilla, accompanied by a perfectly roasted portion of pineapple. Superb indeed. I was either going to ascend into gustatory heaven or fall into a highly contented sugar coma.

Near devastation was replaced by a feeling that Jinn and I call a “food dream” where the food you just consumed fills you with a heady feeling of delight, memories of how the delicious dishes looked and tasted float around your head, and things that are a little bit funny cause you to laugh for a little bit too long.

They eventually ran out of food to appease us with but we really couldn’t have eaten a single bite more. It was a very strange sensation leaving the place without paying the bill, it felt almost a bit criminal if not for the perpetually-lovely staff smiling at us and wishing us “Good day”! Well, let’s just say, this was not your average free lunch. And, not to worry, hungry to see what the full Heston experience had to offer we were back just a few little days later…

Tipsy Cake!

heston-episode-one-10 heston-episode-one-11 heston-episode-one-12

InstaRecap – London + Edinburgh

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View from our window 🚌🚕🏤😊

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As you can see we’ve been tearing around London like lunatics trying to soak in all the sights and eat as many pastries as possible, all whilst resisting the urge to curl up into a small but very warm ball, especially when some nights have been just one little degree Celsius! And remember I’ve been basking (sweating) in 35 degree Broome weather up til now! Jinn organised a sneaky birthday surprise for me and reserved us a room at the luxurious Langham Hotel which was just beautiful and also dangerously close to all the shopping on Oxford St. He knows me too well…

There will be many many more posts to come, I promise. But whilst there are that many things to see and numerous cupcakes to eat plus a wedding in France this Saturday (eek! So soon!), I’m afraid the posts will be a little sporadic. That, and I may possibly lose a finger or two if it gets any colder!

Ciao for now 🙂

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More bee-day spoilt goodness at the hotel 😘😘😘

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Gustatory pleasure #heston #blumenthal #london #travel #food #instagood

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Hyde Park on a fine but chilly Spring day #london #travel #instagood

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View of the tip of The Shard #london #travel #instagood

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Get in mah belleh! #burgertime #hungry #food #instafood #london #travel

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1, 2, 3. Being spoilt by Jinn at The Langham.

4. Watching Matilda at Covent Garden.

5. At The Victoria & Albert Museum for the David Bowie exhibition – it was phenomenal.

6, 7. Paying Heston a visit…Meat fruit!

8. Strolling through Hyde Park (and attempting to burn off that meat fruit :P)

9, 10. View of the Shard and from the Shard.

11, 12, 13, 14. The Borough food markets which we just happened to stumble across near the base of the Shard.

15, 16, 17, 18. Being a bit touristy.

19. Lichtenstein at Tate Modern.

20. What I did whilst Jinn waited in line at Record Store Day. Ate (and delivered) cupcakes!

21, 22, 23. More wandering.

24. Reliving our past with a quick zip through Edinburgh. (We were last here seven years ago for a month as medical students!)

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