Postcards from Darwin

darwin-postcards-1 darwin-postcards-2 darwin-postcards-3 darwin-postcards-4 darwin-postcards-5 darwin-postcards-6 darwin-postcards-7 darwin-postcards-8 darwin-postcards-9 darwin-postcards-10 darwin-postcards-11 darwin-postcards-12 darwin-postcards-13 darwin-postcards-14 darwin-postcards-15 darwin-postcards-16 darwin-postcards-17 darwin-postcards-18 darwin-postcards-19 darwin-postcards-20 darwin-postcards-21 darwin-postcards-221. Mini pineapple! Need I say more?

2 – 8. Perusing the wares at the Mindil Beach sunset markets.

9 – 10. Finding fresh specimens of a rare Chinese turnip at the Rapid Creek markets! (Yes, we essentially did a “market crawl” all weekend)

11 – 15. Pure and lovingly made vegetarian goodness found at Eat At Martins.  Nestled amongst some unlikely neighbours – a physiotherapist and a kung fu centre!

16. Aaaah, Marimekko, how I love thee. At Raw Cloth. These ladies source some mighty fine fabrics from local and international designers and hand make everything, from homewares to clothes.

17 – 20. A delicious impromptu dinner of cheese, crackers and wine, watching the sunset from East Point. Our party was unexpectedly crashed by a possum and her baby!

21. Feeding the fish at Doctor’s Gully. These were the small fish! I kid you not!

22. Barra and chips at the wharf. A fitting end.

Happiness is…

sarah-damien-wedding-7Looking over these photos fills me with such warmth and happiness thinking about the events of the weekend in Darwin just past! The gorgeous garden ceremony surrounded by palm trees and loved ones, the golden kiss of the sunny weather, the sumptuous dinner under nature’s own canopy of stars. And, uh, did I mention they had a DIY sundae bar!?!? Future wedding planners, take note!

The lovely bride and I (another Sarah) bonded just last year over somewhat traumatic circumstances – the dreaded Paediatric exam year. Thankfully, we both emerged victorious but that also meant that Sarah returned back to Darwin and I have missed her muchly since! It was a precious weekend spent catching up with a beautiful bunch of ladies I hadn’t seen in way too long a time. The cocktails and conversation flowed freely throughout the evening, as we wasted no time finding out the latest news and showing off our grooviest dance floor moves.

Wishing the beautiful couple a love that’s everlasting, and may our next meeting be just around the corner.

sarah-damien-wedding-1 sarah-damien-wedding-2sarah-damien-wedding-3-sarah-damien-wedding-4 sarah-damien-wedding-5 sarah-damien-wedding-6sarah-damien-wedding-8 sarah-damien-wedding-9 sarah-damien-wedding-10 sarah-damien-wedding-11 sarah-damien-wedding-12 sarah-damien-wedding-13 sarah-damien-wedding-14 sarah-damien-wedding-15 sarah-damien-wedding-16 sarah-damien-wedding-17 sarah-damien-wedding-18 sarah-damien-wedding-19 sarah-damien-wedding-20 sarah-damien-wedding-21 sarah-damien-wedding-22 sarah-damien-wedding-23 sarah-damien-wedding-24 sarah-damien-wedding-25 sarah-damien-wedding-26

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