Postcards from Darwin

darwin-postcards-1 darwin-postcards-2 darwin-postcards-3 darwin-postcards-4 darwin-postcards-5 darwin-postcards-6 darwin-postcards-7 darwin-postcards-8 darwin-postcards-9 darwin-postcards-10 darwin-postcards-11 darwin-postcards-12 darwin-postcards-13 darwin-postcards-14 darwin-postcards-15 darwin-postcards-16 darwin-postcards-17 darwin-postcards-18 darwin-postcards-19 darwin-postcards-20 darwin-postcards-21 darwin-postcards-221. Mini pineapple! Need I say more?

2 – 8. Perusing the wares at the Mindil Beach sunset markets.

9 – 10. Finding fresh specimens of a rare Chinese turnip at the Rapid Creek markets! (Yes, we essentially did a “market crawl” all weekend)

11 – 15. Pure and lovingly made vegetarian goodness found at Eat At Martins.  Nestled amongst some unlikely neighbours – a physiotherapist and a kung fu centre!

16. Aaaah, Marimekko, how I love thee. At Raw Cloth. These ladies source some mighty fine fabrics from local and international designers and hand make everything, from homewares to clothes.

17 – 20. A delicious impromptu dinner of cheese, crackers and wine, watching the sunset from East Point. Our party was unexpectedly crashed by a possum and her baby!

21. Feeding the fish at Doctor’s Gully. These were the small fish! I kid you not!

22. Barra and chips at the wharf. A fitting end.

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