country-road-night-2 country-road-night-3 country-road-night-4 country-road-night-6 country-road-night-5Wearing – Country Road top and skirt, Christian Louboutin heels, Lee Coren clutch, Naomi Murrell ring

This was a tiny moment we captured walking back to our car after the Open House Perth launch night. Some days we just have to pinch ourselves as it was just two little years ago that we started this here blog. And now to find ourselves being invited to be media partners to an event that we both love and admire, we are humbled, blessed and thankful.

Thankful to be able to express ourselves creatively. Thankful to be allowed this window into Perth’s creative tsunami. Thankful for the awe-inspiring, huge-hearted, earth-shaking people we’ve met along the way, a number of whom have hung about and remained as friends. You are what I’m most thankful for.

2 Comments on “Unexpected

  1. This Country Road skirt is so good! I love how you’ve styled it in such a classic way (esp the red lippy!) as it is quite the stand out item.
    Thank YOU by the way for your blog. You & Jinn never fail to inspire me with your photos and words… always proving that we are not defined by our day jobs! (or should that be “one” is not define by “one’s” day job?)

    Steph x

    • Thanks so much, Steph, for the kind and most encouraging comments! We work hard at both aspects of our lives, creative and medical, and it means the world to us to receive positive and warm words. Makes it all the more rewarding.

      As a fellow medic, I always follow and read your blog keenly and am always cheering from the sidelines for you guys too!

      Sarah xx

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