They are a-falling

gorman-dress-autumn-1 gorman-dress-autumn-3 gorman-dress-autumn-10 gorman-dress-autumn-9 gorman-dress-autumn-6gorman-dress-autumn-8gorman-dress-autumn-1-2 gorman-dress-autumn-5gorman-dress-autumn-7Wearing – Gorman dress and cardigan, Elk earringsMuji socks, Madewell boots (similar), vintage handbag

motifWelcome winter!

Make way for crisp nights that make the tip of your nose cold.

The crunch of dry leaves underfoot.

Snuggling under the doona on a rainy Saturday morning not to resurface for many a deliciously warm moment.

An open fire.

An excuse to wear a ridiculous beanie with an even more ridiculously large pompom.

Wrapping cold fingers around a massive mug of my finest English Breakfast tea.

6 Comments on “They are a-falling

  1. Love this dress on you! How tall are you? I’ve got the same cardi too (yet to post my photos up). Great combo and those Autumn leaves…sublime!!!

    • Hey Sonia! I’m 160cm tall 🙂

      Before letting the poetic-ness of these photos carry me away, I was actually going to write about how awesome it is to be short because midi dresses become maxi dresses and mini dresses become demure knee-length dresses! Hahaha…

      I really like the length of this skirt, it’s just right. I find a skirt that cuts me mid-calf has more of a shortening effect than one that hits just above the ankle.

      Will you get this dress too? 🙂

      Sarah xx

  2. Ooh Hyde Park (I think that’s where this is?) is looking soooo beaut lately. I had a stroll around today and the sunlight was perfectly warm and the shade a nice place to lazy after lunch 🙂 This cardi reminds me of those jasmine dowling pillow cases that I wanted!

    Aaand now I have successfully commented on so many posts that it’s becoming creepy. Sorry Sarah!! I just had a little backlog to browse haha!

    Steph x

    • Lol, no probs! You’re providing me with a nice reason to procrastinate and not do the more “serious” things I should be doing 🙂

      And yes, tis Hyde Park 🙂

      Sarah xx

  3. Love your dress! Did this dress fit true to size? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Angel!

      Yeah I’d say it fits true to size, it’s a loose sort of flowy fit with a little bit of tailoring around the waist to stop looking too sack-like. It’s extremely comfortable!

      Sarah xx

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