Marina Bay

marina-bay-sands-outfit-cameo-5Wearing – Cameo top, Marcs shorts (similar), Senso sandals (in black), Naomi Murrell earrings and bracelet, Le Specs sunglasses, Clover backpack

This outfit is pretty atypical for me. I mean, if you hadn’t already noticed, I’ve pretty much launched myself headfirst into the latest 90s fashion revival and embraced crop tops, denim denim denim, and little flippy dresses with daisies printed on them. Soon, I’ll be getting one of those hats a la Blossom.

This look started with the shoes. I went into Zomp looking for black flatform sandals but came out with these killer Senso ones. I mean, a silver heel? Who wouldn’t!?!? But they just stuck out of my existing wardrobe like a sore thumb. Interestingly, all the other components of this outfit are also complete impulse buys that are out of keeping with my usual aesthetic, but somehow they match each other perfectly! This look may grown on me yet.

marina-bay-sands-outfit-cameo-9marina-bay-sands-outfit-cameo-10marina-bay-sands-outfit-cameo-7marina-bay-sands-outfit-cameo-4 marina-bay-sands-outfit-cameo-2

5 Comments on “Marina Bay

  1. I love this outfit, it is a bit different to your usual but change is fun when it comes to clothes!
    Im a bit jelly though, cos i tried those senso sandals on at the start of summer after drooling over them for ages and lo and behold they looked so dumb on my feet!!! I don’t know why. Anyway, I will live through your sandals if that’s ok 😉
    Steph xx

    • I’ve HAD them since the beginning of summer but just couldn’t figure out what to wear them with!

      I don’t believe they looked dumb on your feet! I thought they did initially on me too, I think it’s the slightly unusual combination of the double ankle strap and low heel, but my mum being ever so fashion-savvy assured me they looked good – and she was right! I reckon you should go back for another try 🙂 I think they might still be available in different colourways?

      What else do you reckon I should wear them with? I’ve worn them with a digital print pencil dress which worked pretty well but am still quite limited!

      Hope work is treating you well 🙂

      Sarah xoxo

      • I did love the leopard version of them 😛 but still, I’m not convinced my feet suit them haha.
        Anyway, more suggestions of your outfit… hmmm… I reckon a shift dress would look good with them, or even potentially boyfriend/distressed jeans if you want to go for that serious senso-blogger-look haha (it’s a good look, trust me)
        And work is treating me well most days, some can be trying!!
        Steph xx

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