I love my Kanken…my what?

While we were in New York I kept spotting guys and girls alike with these awesomely cool-kid-on-the-block backpacks and I just had to find out where I could get one for my little ol’ self. On a few occasions we got close enough to see the logo, which consisted of a red fox and the words “Fjallraven Kanken” emblazoned upon it, and so these backpacks got affectionately named “Ferjanklekankles” by myself and Jinn. A week or so into our holiday we realised that we lived practically next door to a Fjallraven store, but by that time I’d already fallen in love with my light blue Herschel backpackĀ and maxed out our 92kg baggage allowance (for real!) so sadly buying another backpack was not really an option.

However, even after getting back to Perth and putting myself thousands of kilometres between the Ferjanklekankles and me, my love for them never waned. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been going pretty strong with this online shopping ban I placed on myself last year in the effort to save money for our New York holiday – but thank goodness for loopholes and husbands! After some casual hinting and one or two web browser windows being strategically left open for him to see (and of course out of the kindness of his own dear heart!) Jinn bought me this one! I’ve already been dreaming up outfit posts to feature this little guy in and fantasising about all the great adventures we’re going to have traipsing around London and Paris in April. Oh and I’m looking forward to going on holiday with Jinn too. šŸ˜› (You know I love you!)

Photos courtesy of Nordiska Style, Bow’s Collective, sofiefr,Ā Wiggy’s Life, treehugger, washida, and kidlark.

4 Comments on “I love my Kanken…my what?

  1. These Fjall Raven backpacks are ergonomically poor: all that weight borne by two skinny straps? And they don’t keep water out either. You wouldn’t drive a 70s car, you would not choose an inefficient 50s design for a new house, you wouldn’t want dental treatment with 70s technology and 70s hiking boots were poorly fitting and leaky. Why does anyone want the ugly and technically backward Fjallraven? Some good things are old but not all old things are good.

    • Yeah I suppose you’re right, but let’s just say that I didn’t buy my Kanken for practical reasons! They’re just so cute amd beautifully made, I’m not going to climb Mount Everest with it šŸ™‚

      Sarah šŸ™‚

  2. I tumbled on your blog after a quick search for Fjallraven Kanken backpack. I’ve seen these bags so many times in the UK and it keeps coming back into my head. Thanks to your post I also decided to purchase one. I almost got a pink one like yours but it seems to be the common choice for people where I live, so I opted for warm yellow. Great post!

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