Happy new year! + celebrating new life

nanson-st-gabsIf you haven’t met her yet – this is my fresh sweet-smelling amazing new niece, Gabrielle! She’s nine weeks old now. I know it’s said time and time again, but they really do change at an incredible pace at this age. From tiny squishy packages, eyes barely open and limbs held tightly to themselves, to still small beings that fit so perfectly in the crook of your arm but start to interact with the people and world around them – sometimes quietly observing, faces almost comically serious (what could possibly be worrying you that much at the ripe old age of two months old?!), sometimes engaging fully with smiles and coos, kicking out with those little chubby legs of theirs in glee.

There’s nothing quite like looking into the faces and eyes of children. To me it brings me back to the core of all things and reminds me of what true and unbridled love and joy really can be. Emotions untainted by ulterior motives, prospects of material gain, past hurts, deep insecurities – things that are “learnt” – and of course, their fearless ability to find happiness in the simple pleasure of experiencing new things. This new year I resolve to love, live and learn more like a child does – with my heart wide open, empty of prejudice and full of curiosity.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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