Night markets at Illuminites!

illuminites-11Tis the season for street festivals it seems! We decided to ditch the usual fine dining dinner for our anniversary (plus we’d already blown a fair bit of money on some Michelin stars in NYC so we’ve been good to our wallets and gallbladders lately) to check out Illuminites Night Market at the Perth Cultural Centre. There were over 50 stalls – only three of them appeared to be food so I did impatiently have to wait about 45 minutes for some takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls – taste better than they sound). But I was finally let loose amongst the stalls, blood sugar and happy mood restored, and they did not disappoint. I have to say my favourites were The Bunny Shoppe and The White Square. There are a couple of pictures of my swag below – can’t wait to bust them out! Go here to find out more details about Illuminites and the stalls!illuminites-6 illuminites-1 illuminites-2 illuminites-3 illuminites-8illuminites-9illuminites-10illuminites-7illuminites-5illuminites-13illuminites-12illuminites-14 illuminites-loot-2

The swag – 1. neon yellow spike necklace from The Bunny, 2. wee black dinosaur brooch from The White Square, 3. cat ears ring also from The Bunny

Vintage Chanel…beyond the 2.55

I too am dreaming of owning my very own perfectly formed Chanel handbag one day. I came close to it on our holiday but choked when I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted (so many amaaaazing choices – how to choose?) and was also plagued by my guilty conscience (i.e. my husband) reminding me how much I’d already splurged on other purchases.

I’m actually intrigued by all the non-classic forms of handbag Chanel have released over the years. Take this bright red creation for example…There’s something so appealing about a flippantly boyish yet luxe backpack, so many crazy and contradictory ideas combining to make one awesome product.

I also have a penchant for the weirdly shaped ones that make you do a double take because you initially think that it couldn’t be Chanel but the exquisitely quilted lambskin and of course that undeniable logo tell you another story. See? You didn’t think Chanel could be “funky”, did you?

And finally, to mix things up even more, why not check out something that’s not in lambskin? Fancy a picnic with your very own wicker Chanel bag? Or conjure up 1950s glam with a wee bakelite tortoise evening bag? Vintage Chanel is a whole other world to explore (don’t even get me started on their vintage earrings – I may not surface for days!) that I can get lost in for hours…Does anyone else have the same unhealthy obsession as me? If so, let me know in the comments below! Help me prove to my husband that I’m not the only one!

*** All rare vintage Chanel***

1. Quilted lambskin backpack – my fave!

2. Lizard quilted oval shoulder bag

3. Green caviar leather shoulder bag

4. Black quilted wristlet

5. Wicker and leather flap bag

6. Bakelite tortoise evening bag

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