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Come check out our feature on the ONA blog! We were absolutely thrilled to be approached by ONA as we are already super mega fans of their amazing camera bags. The article showcases some of our all-time favourite photos and a bit about us and our little blog.

To find out more about their products, head over to their site and be sure to watch our review about the lovely Palma bag I’m carrying.

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Palma bag by ONA – a review

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The Palma by ONA Bags is one of the sexiest camera bags around. Perfect for serious bloggers, photographers or anyone who wants to look good whilst still being able to carry the goods.

Most camera bags look exactly like that – camera bags. Utilitarian and unstylish. This bag is the complete opposite.

Amazing craftsmanship, gorgeous leather and texture cleverly house a fully-padded interior with room enough for a full-frame DSLR and up to two extra lenses. On top of that, you’ll find space for your handbag essentials, such as your phone, wallet and keys plus a lippie and a hairbrush. Yes, this is actually Mary Poppins’ bag! The design also includes a slim front pocket, which is where I choose to slip my phone, but an iPad mini or notebook could probably fit here. You’ll find if your wallet is large (like me) there will only be room for one extra lens but a more streamline wallet would easily fix that issue.

Agreed, it can get a little heavy if you really pack it full of stuff, but ONA have thought of that too! The shoulder strap has an added piece that is slightly padded and broader than the rest of the strap, preventing that horrible “digging in” phenomenon. Plus, for ease of use and as an alternative if your shoulder gets sore, there’s also a nifty and uber cute handle located on the top of the bag.

At $319, it’s not the cheapest bag on the market, but you certainly get what you pay for. And as an investment item, you can’t go wrong. The quality of the Palma will ensure it will last for years to come and its classy appearance will make it a constantly stylish companion by your side, whatever your look.

Check out the video below to see the Palma in action.

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