We’re back in business!

Wearing – Lacausa top, Ace & Jig skirt, Deluxe jumbo eyebags courtesy of Alexa Joy

So – after a long hiatus due to work, then pregnancy, then parenthood – we’re up and running! Oh, and by “up” I mean up at multiple and random times of the night for feeds, and by “running” I mean staggering back into bed.

Welcome to the new normal. We’re still passionate about this blog as ever. It’s a place we come to write, express, explore and create. But a new entity has burst in on our scene and changed up our game plan more than we ever¬†imagined.

So things will continue here, perhaps in fits and starts, and it must evolve and move with us on this new adventure that is scarier but more fulfilling than anything we’ve ever done before! I’m not sure where exactly we’re going but I’m sure it’s going to be pretty damn awesome. Yes, there will probably be many many more photos of home and family and musings about the ups and downs of having a baby in and amongst interviews and travels, but I’m cool with that.

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