Cupping with Mano a Mano

manoamano-3manoamano-8manoamano-2manoamano-5 manoamano-4 manoamano-7Join Seb from Mano a Mano for a morning session of cupping, a simple and almost ritualistic way of tasting and enjoying coffee. Seb is intensely knowledgeable and passionate about the origins of all the beans he sources, right down to the very names of the farmers that grow and harvest them.

Each cup of beans is ground, smelled, brewed, and smelled again. And finally you get to taste. The beans are sourced from all over the world, including Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia, and all have deliciously individual characteristics, aromas and taste.

Mano a Mano means “hand to hand”. It reminds me of all the human steps that are required to ultimately bring me my perfect cuppa. Planted, picked (as bright red cherries!), dried, exported, tasted, roasted, ground.


Mano a Mano public cuppings are held on Saturday mornings at Gordon St Garage and are FREE (Seriously! What can you get for free these days!?!).

Get your tickets here. Order beans online here.


Gordon St Garage

gordon-st-garage-1We kickstarted my birthday celebrations with a visit to the newest, hippest coffee bar and casual eatery, the Gordon St Garage. Although situated in a rather tucked away location, this place is already so popular that there was already a queue of cool kids waiting outside by the time we arrived at 9:30am. There was no need to be discouraged by the size of the line as we were efficiently shown to our seats after only a 15 minute or so wait.

The venue is a very tastefully renovated auto electrics garage, as the name suggests, and has a great industrial aesthetic.  The service was cheerful and attentive, and our coffees and food also arrived in a prompt fashion. I ordered the avocado and tomato bruschetta with my customary cappuccino whilst Jinn had the mozarella and tomato toastie and a flat white. Simple but delicious fare!

All up, the great vibe coupled with the well-orchestrated hustle and bustle made this an ideal way to start our day – my special day that was just beginning to unfold…I promise more photos of this are to come but we’re currently enjoying ourselves way too much overseas and have barely sat down to catch our breaths! Toodles for now!

Gordon St Garage: Coffee Bar/Kitchen / 16 Gordon St West Perth / / 08 9322 8050

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