The green, green Grampians

After our obligatory Melbourne food-coffee-shop-art fest, the three of us bundled into the car and meandered our way to the Grampians via the picturesque Great Ocean Road, Australia’s answer to Big Sur.

I recently came across the Japanese term shinrin-yoku, literally “forest bathing”. It refers to the recommended practice of visiting the forest for health benefits, both physical and mental. Nothing could be truer and articulates so perfectly the effect even a short trip out of the city does to us. The sharp fresh air, the quiet punctuated by only the gentle sounds of nature, letting your eyes settle on wide open spaces and distant horizons. It’s interesting that out there, one can experience true silence and true darkness, perhaps giving our senses the natural rest they need.

Ironically I write this whilst staring at my laptop screen in a bustling cafe, bass-heavy Lauryn Hill blasting from a speaker into my left ear, cars whizzing by on my right, and the barista is doing that thing they do where they bash equipment together really loudly for some reason or other. (Someone help me out here – what are they doing?)

But this is the reality of our everyday. So maybe tree-hugging shouldn’t be a term reserved for altruistic environmentalists alone, it might do us all some good. I’m convinced it does.

6 Comments on “The green, green Grampians

  1. Forests, among other places of nature like beaches have something called negative ions in the air currents which increase serotonin in your brain and literally make you happy in a chemical-reactive and not just perceptive way. One of my fav authors talks about this in a short piece

    Click to access Didion+Los+Angeles+Notebook.pdf

    Jaw dropping photos btw, what’s your setup?

    • Thanks for the link and your comment! Definitely worth a read and a ponder.
      Our setup is pretty simple – Canon 6D with 24-105 or 35mm lens.

    • Yeah definitely lightroom. Often we shoot knowing what we can do later in lightroom. Start with some presets and then play around until you find your style, there’s heaps of resources and youtube videos out there! All the best!

  2. Farting babbling bundle adding plenty of charm I’m sure. Masaru says shinrin-yoku is an old concept Sarah. Just had a dose down in Denmark..

    • Farting and babbling are sounds of nature, no? Haha…But there’s something just so therapeutic about nature – mountains, forests, oceans, sand, leaves…!

      Sarah xx

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