State Theatre Centre – Open House Perth

ohp-statetheatre-1-3 ohp-statetheatre-6ohp-statetheatre-8ohp-statetheatre-7ohp-statetheatre-9ohp-statetheatre-10ohp-statetheatre-5 ohp-statetheatre-4 ohp-statetheatre-2ohp-statetheatre-1-2ohp-statetheatre-11Music concerts and gigs have always been more my thing rather than theatre and dance, but I’ve always wanted a glimpse inside the glamorous yet dignified State Theatre Centre that opened in 2011 and spearheaded the wave of more innovative, daring and intentional public architecture in Perth. I remember thinking I’d never seen anything like it around young P-town, and could never resist dancing on all silly-like on the colourful lights near the main entrance (who else has pretended they were Tom Hanks from the movie BIG? Y’all own up now…).

I’ve always been inexplicably attracted to the warm shine of the suspended bronze tubes, set against and softened by the natural tones of Tasmanian blackwood panels. The perfect pairing of metal and timber is then drawn together by frames of austere black that offer an air of solemnity. I love how this structure inspires awe and delights the eye without losing its sense of purpose or dignity, or ever going “over the top”.

It’s no wonder that Kerry Hill Architects won the chance to build their incredible design over a group of 40 entrants from all over the world. The impressive and universally loved theatre centre is home to the 575 seat Heath Ledger Theatre, and also contains a number of smaller, flexible performance and rehearsal spaces. Two local theatre companies, Black Swan State Theatre Company and the Perth Theatre Company, are lucky enough to call this space theirs, with shows opening year round.

Find the list of performances here. I can’t wait to take a seat in the Heath Ledger Theatre someday soon.

Every Friday this November and December, RTRFM are taking over the Courtyard space and broadcasting their show live, followed by sets from some of Perth’s best music acts. Entry is free and there’s even a pop-up bar! What’s not to love?

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