ryder-blue-check ryder-combo4ryder-combo5ryder-combo6There is so much to love about Ryder’s latest offerings this season. I want to frolic around in these raffia brogues, totes-fash around in this matching two piece, and cosy up in this leather jacket. It’s a good thing we’re saving up for our impending house renovation, otherwise “hello credit card and goodbye money!”

Well, I didn’t escape entirely unscathed…I did get this

Ryder started off as Arabella Ramsay’s diffusion line but has now really taken off on its own and has well and truly kicked its older sister out of the limelight. A mix of kickass, laidback attitude with great quality, the label is now headed by Penny Brown, Arabella’s previous assistant designer. Ryder is stocked a mere 5 hour drive away from Perth at Eclectic Ladyland in Albany. Don’t fancy a roadtrip down south? Then check out their stuff online.

4 Comments on “Ryder

  1. Hi I’m Cameron and I’m really into fashion and style I like your post and I think you would like my blog feel free to follow back thank you !

  2. That sweater and skirt combo is just lovely, ahaha my credit….

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