Meet Claire – Ruck Rover General Store

ruck-rover-3ruck-rover-1ruck-rover-2ruck-rover-4 ruck-rover-5 ruck-rover-6 ruck-rover-7 ruck-rover-8 ruck-rover-9 ruck-rover-10 ruck-rover-11 ruck-rover-12 ruck-rover-13Ruck Rover General Store has always been one of my places to go to find that perfect vintage-inspired sundress, or a unique present for your friend’s new bub (a bib with a Peter Pan collar – so hot right now!), or a great dude-gift amongst their ever-changing supply of funky t-shirts and socks. They moved from their premises in Mount Lawley two years ago and things just keep getting bigger and better! Now so perfectly situated on the corner of William and Francis Streets in Northbridge, it’s neighbours with a few of our favourites such as Outre Gallery and Little Willys.

We had the chance to be a little bit nosy and chat to Claire, the brain and big friendly smile behind Ruck Rover.

Hey hey hey! Thanks for having us! I’ve been a big fan of you guys ever since your Mount Lawley days! I’d love to start off by listening to your “where-it-all-began” story…

Ruck Rover is the brainchild of mine and my sister, Isabelle. I’d describe our decision to start up the store as a part brave and part self-indulgent! I was in my mid-20s when we decided we’d seize the day and follow our hearts. We managed to make what started off as, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” conversations into something real. Goodness me, our little shop is now seven and a half years old!

It’s good fun running Ruck Rover with Isabelle. She’s got a couple of kids now so she’s not in the shop as much anymore but she’s still so important in all the decision-making and choosing stock for the store. You can often find her here on a Saturday, though. We mostly have very similar taste and vision, which works well when we need to bounce ideas off somebody else.

What are your favourite things in store at the moment?

We always aim to stock items from small, independent designers from around Australia and abroad too. At the moment, I can’t resist our dresses from Totem and Emily & Fin. We also have a huge place in our hearts for our pretty beaded necklaces by I Wish I Had A Little Shop. (See Sarah wear hers here!) These always sell out quick when we get them in store.

For the guys, we always have a massive selection of exclusive t-shirts and we’re looking to collaborate with more local artists in the near future for new designs! We still have a few left of this amazing t-shirt by Creepy aka the incredibly talented Kyle Hughes-Odgers

What do you do with yourself when you’re not running the store? Do you have other hidden superpowers?

In the early years of running the store, I also completed a double degree in Law and English at UWA. (Multitalented much? Sarah turns green…) 

As you may know, I also run We Love Perth, an independent website that uncovers and highlights the best-ofs of our lovely city, Perth. It’s completely not for profit, heaps of work, but so so rewarding.

I also do a bit of freelance writing on the side for in-flight magazines. That’s always a real buzz.

motifWe had heaps of fun chatting to Claire, learning about Ruck Rover’s beginnings and how little dreams can become roaring successes. Afterwards, I had a bit of spare time to nip around the store to ogle the range of vintage-inspired dresses and pick up some Lazy Oafs birthday cards (the kind that say, “Even though you’re old I still care”). Be sure to visit Ruck Rover! Make a special trip to Northbridge or walk on by after buying your special roast pork from Good Fortune Duck (I know I do!).

Thanks, Claire, for having us!

Ruck Rover General Store / 242 William St (corner Francis St), Northbridge / Open 7 days a week / Online shop / Facebook

motif***There’s an exclusive online discount code for our readers! Hop over to Ruck Rover’s online store and shop your little hearts out! Enter code “SILVERLINING” at the checkout for a sweet 20% off through 30th April 2014.

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