Up, up & away

hot-air-balloon-8motifThe winds have welcomed you with softness.

The sun has blessed you with his warm hands.

You have flown so high and so well,

That God has joined you in your laughter

And set you back again into the loving arms

Of Mother Earth.

– The Balloonist’s Prayer, Anon.

hot-air-balloon-1 hot-air-balloon-2 hot-air-balloon-3 hot-air-balloon-4 hot-air-balloon-6 hot-air-balloon-5 hot-air-balloon-7hot-air-balloon-10hot-air-balloon-9combined-2hot-air-balloon-11combined-1 hot-air-balloon-12

11 Comments on “Up, up & away

    • Haha yeah that would be crazy amazing to go during one of those festivals! But highly recommend going at sunrise, despite battling fatigue and some major heavy eyebags, it is totally worth it!

      Sarah xoxo

  1. Wow that looks so soamazing! What company and where did you take this from?

  2. AMAZING! it has always been a dream of mine to go up in a hot air balloon, and these photographs show exactly the reason why! x

    • Definitely worth doing, it’s such a wonderful and quite serene feeling floating up there so quietly! I’ve been in tiny jet planes and even a helicopter but this was an entirely new and different experience 🙂

      Sarah xoxo

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