comptoir-dress-darwin-1-2Wearing – Comptoir des Cotonniers x Calla dress, Repetto shoes (different colour way here), Mno.logie clutch, vintage ring

I had only just barely touched down in Perth when off we set again to Darwin to celebrate a close friend’s wedding! My internal thermostat was more than happy to escape Perth’s chilly winter to bask in the warm and balmy north Australian dry season that I’ve been more accustomed to of late.

I was particularly excited to rediscover a pile of clothing from my recent travels to New York, London and Paris that had remained untouched due to Broome’s propensity to stay a constant thirty degrees Celsius as well as the generally more outdoorsy lifestyle.

So it’s no surprise that I reached for this entirely Paris-bought outfit – an appropriately sweet and floral Comptoir des Cotonniers dress paired with delicate Repetto heels, made with the softest of leathers. Their fairy princess gleam, not-too-high-but-very-ladylike heel and ultimate comfort level ensured that we were boogying on down well into the night!

More pictures and details of this gorgeous garden wedding to follow…comptoir-dress-darwin-5comptoir-dress-darwin-6comptoir-dress-darwin-4comptoir-dress-darwin-1

4 Comments on “Sunlight

  1. I have this dress as well but haven’t gotten around to wearing it. I do have a wedding coming up next weekend but I’m hesitant to wear it because of the silverish white background despite the floral pattern. While totalky appropriate for a garden wedding, I thought it could raise some eyebrows at a traditional wedding. Any advice would be highly appreciated!

    • How traditional is the wedding? I feel the dress has enough colour to avoid being a completely white dress if that’s your worry. You could add even more colour to your outfit with a bright clutch or shoes and a strong lippie!

      Hope that helped! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Sarah 🙂

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