Welcome Jamie!

jamies-italian-2Back to Planet Perth! (Haw haw so not funny…) After the crazy amazing time we had overseas, it was also great to get back home to see my beloved folks before I headed back up to Broome for another three months. And what better way to spend that time but over a relaxed and scrumptious meal at the newly opened Jamie’s Italian at 140william in the CBD.

I love the vibe of the place, I badly want those pendant lights in my own kitchen, and it has a nice cheery hustle and bustle to the place, not pretentious at all. The place was packed (people line up for hours just to have dinner here) so I expected our food to take a while – but it didn’t! We started off with a few share platters, each overflowing with bundles of goodness. Yummy crisply fried morsels of fish, tasty cockles, aubergine caponata, layers of prosciutto and bresaola…Mmmm…Yeah, there are no pictures of them because we kind of ate them all before anyone had the chance to get their cameras out!

The pastas were just as tasty. I may have sabotaged myself by ordering the wild rabbit tagliolini. I always order rabbit thinking, “Ooh! That sounds rather exotic” and only remember that I don’t really like it when I take a bite. That said, the pasta itself was perfectly cooked and delicious. I’d have to say the winning pasta dish was Ericius’ prawn linguine. Al dente pasta coated with an incredible tomatoey-garlicky sauce. Tasty to the max!

Thanks Jamie for bringing your signature honest but O-M-G-so-delicious food to Perth! Oh, and the icing on the cake? The awesome Kyle Hughes-Odgers mural on the wall as you enter the restaurant. Read more about this guy and his art, he is on the up-up-up!

Jamie’s Italian Perth / 140 William Street, Perth CBD / 9363 8600 / Monday – Sunday 11:00am to 10:30pm

Photos by Jinn

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