So – I’m in Broome!

plane1I’ll have to admit – leaving home was a bittersweet experience. I’m really pumped and excited about my upcoming opportunities to explore the Kimberley region, fly to tiny Aboriginal communities that barely anyone even knows about, and see those parts of Australia that always somehow show up on those “See Australia” ads. You know the ones. Cascading waterfalls, secluded swimming holes, and of course those unforgettable pictures of the intensely rusty red dirt against the even more intense blue expanse of ocean. I can’t wait!

But there is of course the tiny matter of leaving everyone behind, particularly my one and only Jinn with whom I pretty much do everything, so much so it’s like almost having a shared consciousness. Who’s going to laugh at my non-funny jokes? Who’s going to sing my backing harmonies for “We Built This City” when I yell it out really loudly in the car? Who’s going to tell me I look nice today?

Anyhoo, I think I’ve just succeeded in making myself cry! So I’m gonna stop there. In short, I am so uber excited about what’s in store for me up here in this gorgeous land, the people who I’ve met so far have been exceptionally kind and smiley, and I’m looking forward to hanging out and forging new friendships up here too. Yes, it’s initially going to be hard not seeing everyone’s lovely faces, but I’ll make friends and of course have visitors from Perth as well! Soon I’ll get some pictures up of this beautiful town, and you’ll be wanting to visit me too!


First glimpse of the coast from the plane!

2 Comments on “So – I’m in Broome!

  1. Have an absolute adventure of a time Sa. Soak up all that ochrey magnificence, and remember to drop in on Bec at Bidgy if you are there. She will be non-specifically expecting you. xx

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