Bits and bobs…Happy 4th anniversary!

our-wedding-4This day four years ago, Jinn and I got married! We both can’t believe it’s gone that quickly – I suppose that’s a good sign right? Time flies when you’re having fun, and all that? Well, I can’t disagree with that, it certainly has been fun! We’ve had some great times – travelling to places like Japan, Spain, and the latest trip to America, and enjoying our favourite pastimes such as cups of coffee on lazy Sunday afternoons, decorating our house in what you could best describe as a cross between Scandinavian mid-century retro goodness, egging each other on whilst online shopping, and of course our favourite one of all time, singing “We Built This City” really loudly in “perfect” harmony. It’s been pretty awesome – here’s to more years and crazy singing to come!our-wedding-5 our-wedding-1 our-wedding-8 our-wedding-2 our-wedding-6 our-wedding-3 our-wedding-7us now

And this is us now…!  

***Wedding photos by Craig Cooper at Cooper Studio

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