Oh Lover

This outfit is a bit more “dramatic” and dark than my usual style but I just had to have this Lover Serpent Lace Dress when it came out earlier this year. I’d seen the gorgeous bright red version on Mirander Kerr but ummed and ahhed way too long about it and then was completely devastated when it sold out. This awesomely moody and romantic teal version was meant to be a post-exam present to myself but I just couldn’t wait so it turned out to be a pre-exam splurge! I wasn’t going to let it slip through my hands again…

***What I’m wearing – Lover Serpent Lace Dress in teal, black suede heels by Robert Robert (similar – these are cooool…), vintage Louis Vuitton clutch, diamond and ruby earrings (similar), my favourite red lippy by MAC (MAC Red), navy blue nail polish and caviar manicure by Ciate (here and here)

10 Comments on “Oh Lover

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  2. Are you by chance selling this dress? I have looked allover the internet and I so want to wear it for a wedding! Please say yes 🙂

    • Sadly I’m not selling this dress – I love it too much! Have you tried eBay? Or maybe checking Lover’s current season? They consistently make extraordinary lace pieces, maybe you’ll find something you like there.

      Good luck with it!
      Sarah 🙂

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