Get ready for Open House Perth 2015!

ohp-1-13ohp-1ohp-1-2ohp-statetheatre-1-3ohp-pre-2014-8ohp-pre-2014-9ohp-pre-2014-1This coming weekend sees Open House once again invite you inside, around and on top of more than 80 locations around our green and growing city. Running over Saturday and Sunday, explore the heights of the Central Park Tower rooftop, the unmistakable baroque excess of His Majesty’s Theatre, or even look inside some of Perth’s newest spaces such as the Cathedral Square and the Perth City Link.

An exciting change to the Open House program is the addition of a number of food and drink venues, such as Bar Lafayette and The Flour Factory, some of whom will be doing something a little special for the event such as tastings or exclusive menus. Personally, we can never go past a visit to the architect-designed homes dotted around the city. A quick glance at this year’s selection and I’m already certain that I’m going to end up inspired to makeover our own home yet again.

Take a look at the Open House Perth program over here to plan your weekend’s itinerary!

Open House Perth 2015 / Saturday 7th November and Sunday 8th November

Go somewhere

brooklyn_-1brooklyn_-7brooklyn_-12brooklyn_-2brooklyn_-13brooklyn_-14 brooklyn_-3 brooklyn_-10 brooklyn_-16brooklyn_-8Wearing – Jungmaven dress, Birkenstock sandals, A.J. Morgan sunglasses, Gorman bag

Jumping a little ahead in time, New York was the last stop in our holiday. By this time, we’d roasted ourselves in the Californian desert and breathed in the pine-scented air of the Oregon forests, and now found ourselves on the other side of this vast country pounding concrete, dodging yellow taxis, and weaving through the busy streams of people.

We decided this time round to stay in Brooklyn in a sweet apartment in Williamsburg, a great decision as it took us away from the Manhattan bustle and into the smaller and (slightly) less trodden streets where it’s more about being effortlessly cool than the incessantly bright lights and flashy Broadway smile. Relaxed chic is the brand, and places selling vintage threads to boutique cheese ooze out of every nook and cranny.

Brooklyn is the Solange to Manhattan’s Beyonce, and no offence to the Beycrew but I know who I’d rather hang with.

Summer Camp

summer-camp-ojai-14summer-camp-ojai-22 summer-camp-ojai-19 summer-camp-ojai-17summer-camp-ojai-13summer-camp-ojai-18 summer-camp-ojai-11 summer-camp-ojai-10 summer-camp-ojai-6 summer-camp-ojai-5 summer-camp-ojai-2summer-camp-ojai-21A few months ago we stumbled across Summer Camp’s ogle-worthy Instagram feed and developed an intense crush on the impeccable styling and unmistakable character (and ALL THE CACTI ZOMG). We hadn’t even heard about the tiny town of Ojai but after a little more searching and hashtag chasing we discovered that it was home and haven to many other creatives and great destinations. And so Ojai became a fast fixture in our itinerary, and we would recommend it to all driving through California!

Summer Camp is a gorgeous shop run by Rachel and Michael housed in a renovated old gas station that specialises in custom picture framing and faultlessly curated home decor, vintage collectibles with a healthy smattering of jewellery and other personal accessories.

Rachel, store curator and mumma extraordinaire, draws from the nostalgia and aesthetic of her childhood summer camps to create a space that really transports you there, almost as if you’ve walked into a Wes Anderson movie! Focussing also on locally made goods, her collection of ceramics and woodwork is an absolute dream. A single visit to this place and I guarantee you will feel like setting up a teepee and never leaving.

Summer Camp / IG @shopsummercamp / 1020 W Ojai Ave, Ojai, California

Meet Alina – artist, Tussie Mussie maker and flower whisperer

alina-tang-1 alina-tang-5 alina-tang-6 alina-tang-7 alina-tang-12alina-tang-15 alina-tang-8alina-tang-16Equal parts art and dream job combined, Alina Tang has been popping up around town with a cart brimful of flowers bringing cheer and bright bouquets to the streets of Perth.

Tussie Mussies is a unique art project by Alina commissioned by the City of Perth for Transart Experimental 2015. It explores the culture of gift-giving, the meaning of flowers, interwoven with the art of conversation. A beautiful contrast to our current society’s ethos of taking, winning and achieving, passers-by are drawn in by curiosity and the promise of a free little Tussie Mussie of flowers just for them.

What inspired the name Tussie Mussies and what does it mean?

The term “tussie mussie” is a quaint, endearing term that was used in the early 1400s for a small, round bouquet of herbs and flowers with symbolic meanings. My performative art project, Tussie Mussies, is a celebration of flowers, gifts and meaning-making.

My mobile flower-cart carries different flowers with meanings that refer to positive traits of human beings. I visit various locations around the Perth CBD where I create personalised bouquets for passers-by, talking to them about the many layered meanings and identities of the flowers they choose. Through these conversations I hope to find out stories about female identity and strength, using them to add and alter the meanings of the flowers. I just love how the artwork continuously evolves with each exchange, growing in complexity of meaning.

What drives and inspires you? If you could do just one thing all day long what would it be?

I love pretty, soft, sweet, handmade things. I am inspired by all the lovely, generous and hard-working people around me and other great artists in the world doing amazing things. I don’t want to be a lazy person either, so that drives me to make work too.

I would love to say if I could do anything all day long it would be cuddle in bed with a cute boy, eat sorbet and pick flowers! But more realistically I would love to spend a whole day uninterrupted in my studio making things with a grooving playlist. I wish I could do that everyday!

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

I love so many artists it would be so hard to choose just one! I would love to paint a giant mural with Lily Van Der Stokker, create an immersive work with Rebecca Louise Law, install an ephemeral floral, glittery, sugary magic world with Pip and Pop, perform with Miranda July, dream of love projects with Aleksandra Mir, and draw with Tracey Emin! (and so so many more – I hope they would love to work with me too!)

You’re a multiple hat-wearer and can be found in so many places around the Perth arts scene. Tell us more about all the different roles you have!

I have so much love in my heart for the Perth arts scene – there’s always so much going on! I work part-time at Beau Est Mien Prints and Design, a gorgeous printmaking studio and shop on William St in Northbridge. I manage most aspects of the business and also teach some pretty rad workshops on the weekend! I work with the best team of people including my best friends and a tiny sausage dog named Lulu. I couldn’t wish for a better job!

I also manage The Common Room at Paper Mountain, an artist-run initiative comprised of a gallery, studios and a creative co-working space. The Common Room is a bright and airy shared space of collaborative creativity with plenty of sunlight, pot plants and lovely people. Everyone who works at Paper Mountain is a volunteer, and we devote our time and energy to running it just because we love it!

I also work as an artist assistant for Pip and Pop (aka Tanya Schultz) creating magical, glittery, dreamy sugar installations all over the world. Most recently, we were at Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay in July, and last year in Taipei for Very Fun Park, and at the end of this month we’ll be at Cut Out Fest in Mexico! Tanya is the most generous and gorgeous human being to work with and most of our install time is spent chatting about boys and love stories.

Besides those things, I do my best to maintain my art practice and create new and exciting projects whenever I can!
Come see more of Alina’s fascinating and engaging work at her upcoming exhibition, Anthologia, in collaboration with poet, Steven Finch.

Anthologia opens at Paper Mountain on Friday 9th October from 6pm. Be prepared for an evening that explores the combination of the spoken word with both visual and tactile art to create something truly and excessively beautiful.

Alina Tang / Be sure to follow @giantpansy on IG to find out where the next Tussie Mussies is going to pop up!

Finding Salvation

salvation-mountain-4 salvation-mountain-1salvation-mountain-1-5salvation-mountain-8salvation-mountain-7salvation-mountain-9 salvation-mountain-10 salvation-mountain-15salvation-mountain-13salvation-mountain-18salvation-mountain-11salvation-mountain-20salvation-mountain-16salvation-mountain-21 salvation-mountain-22 salvation-mountain-24 salvation-mountain-25Emerging out from the stark and sandy Colorado desert, Salvation Mountain stands as one man’s bold and beautiful message of love. Profoundly unusual yet moving at the same time, the monument is frequented by religious and unreligious folk alike. Leonard Knight began this work in 1984, continuously expanded and elaborated upon it until his health failed him and he passed away last year aged 83. He deeply believed that love for his fellow human beings was the answer to peace, and to that I say aaaa-men.

Salvation Mountain / near Niland, California / Bring plenty of water, it is hot!



Ace Hotel Palm Springs

ace-hotel-22 ace-hotel-9ace-hotel-30
ace-hotel-28 ace-hotel-27

ace-hotel-1ace-hotel-23 ace-hotel-19 ace-hotel-18 ace-hotel-17 ace-hotel-16 ace-hotel-15 ace-hotel-14
ace-hotel-12 ace-hotel-11 ace-hotel-13ace-hotel-10
ace-hotel-8ace-hotel-1-5ace-hotel-2 ace-hotel-3Palm Springs is quite possibly the coolest little desert gem ever. And within said gem, Ace Hotel & Swim Club is more than reason enough to take that absolutely gorgeous drive out from LA. A great place to soak in the endless sunshine and poolside vibes, its proximity to Joshua Tree National Park and other must-sees like Salvation Mountain and Moorten’s Botanical Garden and Cactarium means that it is the perfect spot to relax, down a cocktail or two and get a facial before continuing the rest of your adventure.

Effortless cool and decor that simply oozes Coachella Valley meant that the checkout process practically involved a crowbar and an eviction notice to get me outta there.


  • Feeling like you’re constantly in a photoshoot for some very cool magazine.
  • Ordering the queso fundido and ceviche and washing them down poolside with a cocktail whilst watching the sun set behind the mountains. Glorious.
  • Making funny faces in the old school photobooth. Again. And again. And again.
  • Releasing your inner diva at the Amigo Room’s regular karaoke night.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs / 701 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 /

Long time no see

IMG_5419 IMG_2187 _DSF7037_DSF7043 IMG_2096IMG_3176 IMG_5196IMG_1238ace-hotel-28IMG_4309IMG_3830IMG_3962 IMG_6623 nyc1

So…it’s been a while. And after months of absence our reunion has been highly emotional. The last few days this here blog and I have run across a beach and flung ourselves into each others’ arms in slow motion. We’ve skated across a crowded ice rink searching for someone only to realise we’re the one each other has been waiting for our whole lives. You get the picture.

It’s not like I meant to leave for so long, but there are times when fortunately and unfortunately other competing goals take off and shoot you in another completely polar direction for some time. One part of my life was growing in a big way and consuming all my time and energy, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So our trip abroad came at the perfect time. It was a release from work pressures and time to reacquaint ourselves with things that bring pure pleasure and immerse ourselves in adventure and wonderment. What a way to feed one’s soul.

Our journey was both leisurely and fleet-footed as we practically consumed our surrounds as if stars and horizon-eating roads could sustain us. A teaser of the west coast took us into the desert then up Highway 1 to take in Big Sur. We collected pine cones and driftwood in Oregon until the big lights of New York City ultimately drew us in. And then as always happens, it was homewards for us but full, happy and satisfied.

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